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Fishraiders Plans For The Weekend


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Heading off to Port Macquarie for the bream Classic

If we run true to form at least we will bring home a feed of Flatties :1prop:

Best of luck, mate. Weather looks pretty awesome (fingers crossed!) so maybe a couple of LB flattie sessions (my favourite! - Should give the boat more use, though!) and I might start seriously thinking about getting set up for some kings of summer... :drool: Watch your back, seriola!


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Woke up this morning (Friday) and have been yakking my guts up. Was going to fish tomorrow but now looks like I'll be in bed all weekend. :( Enjoy the Bassin Stewy, good luck to those fishing comps and everyone else have a good weekend.

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Well a goup of 5 mates and i are heading down to the canons on Sat to chase some YFT if they are around and try and put a bend :1fishing1: in the new rod King Rods built me last week. :yahoo:

the weather is looking great so far for sat for the run down there.

hope to have a report up over the weekend let you all know how we go and hope some pictures also.


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Guest danielinbyron

good luck to everyone espesh Hooky with the EXAM...and swordy with the week at Glenbawn

I'll be joining the weekend warriors for a bash somewhere out there if the swells not too big and the wind does what the bom tells it to..

and my girl gets back from Sydney sat night... :thumbup: . thank christ i'm dropping weight like a jockey... : :074:

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Thanks for the luck Daniel in byron.

I'm full too the gills with info and sick to death of studying.

Wish I was heading out to wet a line this w/e.

My last exam is on the 27th (radiology) so if anyone wants a fishing buddy after then pm me. I could use a couple of kings to get all this study out of my system.

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please no more king reports on monday :tease: I think im the only raider that does't have a kingy report this season :thumbdown:


Isecond that Domza i feel sad every monday seeing the kingies being caught over the weekend.

But well done to all the guys who nail them.

I will be doing some house work then do some stuff on the boat getting ready for next weekend :thumbup::thumbup:

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