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Funda's Tinny Fitout.


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Well here she is bare in the shed ready to go.


After a bit of measuring and head scratching it was off to buy some alloy angle, the angle is 40x40x3mm and was a lot cheaper from a mob that builds security doors than bunnings or anywhere like that.

Heres the start of all the bracing for the ply board flooring.


measuring up and cutting the ply for the floor, I did the floor in sections to allow for under floor access and storage areas.

Allways cut ply 10mm smaller than actual size need if you are going to add carpet to it, I found out the hard way and had to trim each bit again.



Now for the mrs to start her handy work on carpeting all the panels, we used contact adhiesive (sp) to fix the carpet to the panels, its still holding fine after 7 months.

Its thirsty work.



Mounting gps and sounder brackets while thinking about how/where to mount the console.



Someone forgot what end of the stanley knife to keep away from fingies lol.


heres the floor showing the 2 main storage areas, and finally a decision on console location.


now for the front casting deck and leccy batteries tray.


Front deck is in , battery area complete.


Now to carpet the thwarts.



glove box back in front deck n floor finnished.


now for the rear deck.



At this stage we had spent 2 very long days (a weekend) to get to this point, we were pretty happy with the progress but our heads were getting a bit sore from all the beer & wild turkey consumed.



Now for some seats and a test run out on the local lake.

1st fish to christen here.


2nd fish same day.


And heres the final result.



Hope you all enjoy.

Cheers, Allan.

Admin/mods, some pics are way to big could you please resize them for me :1prop:

Once resized could you please delete this message.

Thanks in advance :thumbup:

Cheers, Allan

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Allan, what an awesome job! :1yikes: I've seen a lot of home made projects, but that would have to be one of the best! Allows you to design it in exactly the way you want... and probably worked out a bit more cost-effective than buying a boat complete with casting platform etc. Lovely fish, too!!!


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Thanks guys,

This will be the 1st full cod season I will be fishing outta this rig, very much looking forward to it, only 122 hours to go.

None of those little bream things tho :yahoo:

A few good fish hit the deck at the end of last summer, cant wait till my month off this xmass down the coast chasing jewies n snappies on plastics.

If anyones got any questions bout fitout fire away, I'll do my best to help out.

Cheers, Allan

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