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Social Event Assistance & Location Choice


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Guy's I note the comments on the Kingie social & the request for assistance

Now being a retired gent ( no criptic comment about the gent bit pls) I would like to put my hand up to assist with future social events.

Unfortunatly , due to other commitments, I have not been able to attend prior events or the Flattie social this weekend due to being interstate next week. Things should be different in 2007.

The reason for this comment is I have no idea what is required so if someone would like to provide guidence or just needs a "go for" then let me know.

On a slightly different aspect , whilst it is nice for all to be together on social day I note the majority have voted for B.B for the Kingfish social but there is quite a few for the harbor & the Hawksbury.

For those of us who fish BB & it appears to be the majority , the Bay will tend to win out on most occusions.

Personally I don't have a problem with that as I to mainly fish B.B. but it means other Raiders need to travel long distances.

It would be nice if we could come up with a plan / system where perhaps it could be in 2 places , say BB & the harbor on the same day. Perhaps not every time , but an option for consideration

This has pro's & con's & the last thing I want to suggest is that we have an us & them situation occur as this could have a negetive effect on the overall Fishraider spirit.

Perhaps an alternative is to simply rotate the venue as apposed to voting. Again , as an option or a mixture of both.

Eg , I have never fished Wollongong & would love to do so.

Food for thought , any way PM me if I can be of assistance on future socials


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Geoff thank you very much for putting your hand up.

Organising socials is no mean feat. The work that goes on behind the scenes is huge.

The socials have been very successful and well attended and enjoyed by everyone.

The key to a good social is planning and preparation - and the more people that join in to assist the better.

I am sure that the 2 robs will make contact with you very soon to discuss the proposed event. Admin is always available to assist wherever possible.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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As mentioned in the other thread, the main purpose of the Socials is to allow raiders to enjoy some time together and build some community unity.

If the Socials were split it would cause more competition rather then community spirit, Im a Harbour fisho and definately would prefer harbour socials but i think the socials should be organised on Species, then the best likeihood to catch those species. Hence the jew social being held in the Hawkesbury

As mentioned by a few raiders there is really only a few King spots in the Bay, so if the King social was to be there the few spots would be packed out and could even cause a Safety issue.

Where as in Sydney harbour there are atleast 20 + spots where kings are caught on a regurlar basis,

MH, Many Markers, Wedding Cakes, North head etc...the list goes on.

It is much wiser to have it there, And plus, would you want to see our beautiful harbour on such a day, not the airport and factories i saw on my few Bay trips

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