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Hey Guys N Gals Im New!


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:1welcomeani: to the site Matty

I f your ever looking for a rock apprentice let me know, I'm wanting someone experienced to show me the ropes. I'm from Camden way so it's not a long run down to the Gong.

Seeing as though your a seasoned King fisherman, why not join us for the Kingy social in January

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:1welcomeani: to fishraider matt

plenty of GOOD info on here to be had..

any probs u eva have dont be affraid to ask.. there always plenty to offer

on this awesome site..

looking 4ward to reading some of ur reports and pics are the go :thumbup:

best of luck

cheers steve

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oopss how careless of me !!!

the women are even better ;)


I booked him in weeks ago Rob his one of my deckies ;)

Also Rob I havent forgotton my promise, you will be climbing aboard my boat in the next week or 2 - I will keep you posted. I may have a spot this Sunday if you're interested, depends on what my mates are doing the night before ( :beersmile: ) I am going to pass on the drinking and concentrate on the fishing for the next day so good chance they won't be up for a fish. It also depends on how the boat goes on friday and sat in the lake when I give her a good run in.


Thanks Ben

Got family stuff this weekend but we'll get that fish in sooner or later


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