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What Is This Fish?



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Fishing in deep water in middle harbour a few years ago we pulled in a nice flathead. Once boated Herman was holding it up and we were having a look at it when to our amazement the flattie just dropped to the floor. It had taken one of those grinning fish in question that had taken the original piece of bait. Got two for the price of one bait. We kept the flattie and let grinning fella go.

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I would love to know as well!

No Idea what it is but I got one about the same size a couple of weeks ago in MH when we were sitting on a mooring killing time and flicking squid jigs about, we had 2 lines out mid water with squid strips on just in case. The little buggar took both lines before we noticed. When it was reeled in it had both 6/0 hooks in its guts.




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First time I caught some was at Lake Macquarie I asked other fisherman and they had also caught them but had no idea what they were. So I asked the local dive shop who confirmed that it was a grinner.

A pretty fish has fluro blue stipes that glow as it gets more agro.

Strange all the fish around now that we never caught years ago.

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My Guess is a Painted Lizardfish http://www.amonline.net.au/fishes/fishfacts/fish/tmyops.htm

Or Cookie Monster Fish :biggrin2:

Cute little suckers ....... Lucky they don't grow to 100kg.


From what I can see, I agree with Mary-Ann. Grinners are similar fish, but it appears that Bloo caught a Painted Lizardfish, Trachinocephalus myops. Here's a couple of pictures for comparison:





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