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Not Happy Jan


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G'day Raiders ,

Sometime while I was down at Wattos this morning , some lowlife broke into the back yard , and made off with 4 of my rods , and #1 Sons bike. I had layed the gear out in preparation for tomorrows fishing trip , and came home to find them GAWN!

Stupid creatures that they are , they left my brand new plastics rod ( never caught a fish , but it will , oh yes!) , the most expensive of the lot . Figured the bigger the rod , the more it was worth.

Could I ask any of our members who live in the Mt Druitt or St Marys areas to keep their ears to the ground for " cheap" gear for sale? I know its a long shot , but I feel I have to do something. The rods that were stolen were 2 5'6 Overhead rods ( Black with Blue trim ) fitted with Outer Mark 300G reels , one mustard colored 6' rod with a Daiwa 4000R reel , and a Shimano 6'6 rod , black with red trim. The mustard rod and the Shimano had Abu Garcia reels .

Sorry to share this bad news with you all , but Im so cranky right now I could chew nails !!!


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hi Ross

sorry to hear about the stolen gear mate, i work at blacktown so will keep an ear out, but don't like your chances. If you need to borrow any gear for your trip, lets us know, would be more than happy....


billy 0419991437

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That truly sucks Ross. These lowlifes will probably try to offload them

either at a pub or a pawn shop for a few bucks.

I really hope you can recover them.

It's the feeling of violation of your private space that really gets your back up.

Keep your eyes and ears open Fishraiders...these pond scum have to be nailed.

Sorry to hear about your loss Ross.



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Guest fishrunner

:1badmood: That is shit,

Annoys the hell out of me to hear sad tails as this :(

I feel for ya Ross, as it would reduce me close to tears if it was to happen to me :1badmood:

Have a few :beersmile::beersmile: , and clean up tomorrow on that plastic rod :biggrin2:

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Guest danielinbyron

FM.. although its not the crime of the century report it ,

if you have any photos of the gear or receipts , the cops will circulate them to pawn brokers...even if all you have is the complete details of the lot , that will suffice..

The gear will be released to you immediately...everything sold to liscenced second hand dealers gets logged and checked by the cops...

The bad thing here{Byron} is we live so close to the border , they come from Qld steal everything they can from yards ie surf boards fishing gear , pushbikes and sell it in 2nd hand shops back there... nsw police or can't check across the border.

sorry for ya loss

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I have been ropeable since I read this. :mad3::mad3::mad3:

I reckon the only way to deal with bastardry is to kill it with kindness. :biggrin2:

Ross, I have too many rods & there are a couple I'd like you to have.

Both in excellent condition. A Shimano Stella spin 6ft, 2-4kg rod & a 5'6ft Ugly stick 4-6kg pistol grip overhead rod are now yours. I'll bring them back down to Sydney mid January & leave them with Stewy for you to pick up.

The Admin Team have plans in place to help out in other ways so don't go & buy anything!



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People who steal from others are the scum of the earth.

We got broken into and had a bunch of stuff stolen, We were sure it was our neighbours..... sure enough a couple of days later I saw the bloke playing with his new camera which was exactly the same as my stolen one... :1badmood:

Police still didn't do a thing.

String em up I say!!!!........... or maybe Bridle rig em, and slow troll them on a downrigger :mad3:

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What can I say ? I am so grateful for your good wishes and generous offers of help , that for once , I really dont know what to say, so I will keep it short : Thank You.

There can be no doubt that you are some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friends !! :thumbup:

Ross , Catherine and Brett

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Guest claudia

Sorry to hear about what happened.

WATTOS FISHING would like to give you one of the baitrunner combos that we have on special this month.

Pop in and see Sean.



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