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Shopping List For Kingy Social


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Hi Guys I have had several members contact me wanting to contribute for the social but unsure of what to donate.

So at the suggestion of Geoff I will put up a list and names of who is covering it, so if you would like to contribute just have a look at whats not covered and let me know.

Obviously we don't need every thing on the list, it's just suggestions I will highlight the essentials in red

Tea Johnno

Coffee Johnno

Milk Johnno

BreadRolls Pekingduck

Sausages Offtap1

Onions 445F/johhno

Sugar Johnno

Salt swordies

Pepper swordies

Cooking Oil Thunder

Soft drink Penguin,swordies,mr and mrs flightmanager

Butter / Margarine johnno

Eggs Mr Liason

Bacon Geoff and mottyman

Plates Penquin

Cups Penguin

Knives & Forks Thunder

Cling Wrap Hiramasa

Alfoil Hiramasa

BBQ Sauce swordies

Tomato Sauce swordies

Sweet Chilli Sce

Paper Towel Swordies

BBQ / Gas bottle Flightmanager

Cooking utensils Gongfisho

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We have all the plates, sauces ,seviettes and around 10 bottles of 2 litre drinks all ready and salt and pepper

Cheers Stewy

Rob Motty & I , Eggs & Bacon

Noticed Milk & Rolls on the same line. Perhaps seperate them ?


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Butter / Margarine

Put me down for this please i will bring or drop of if you wish to

your house.

Also put me down for onions

(But i won,t be slicing them ) if i have to i will

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This site just gets better and better and all of the members are just amazing :biggrin2:

We will need buses soon to go to the Socials :1yikes:

Cheers Stewy

Found just the bus for us Fishraiders too:


Pass the weed, we goin' blackfish huntin"!! :1prop:


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Just looking at the list, if you are doing bacon & egg rolls and sausages on rolls, you won't need much in the way of cooking oil, or knives & forks - maybe just spreading the butter and cutting things up.

I can bring the cooking oil and some plastic knives and forks.

My son is having his 21st birthday party the night before, so we may have some other things I can bring.

If there are some last minute requirements, let me know.

0414 65 50 40



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You probably won't see this before the social, as my son's 21st Birthday party has just finished and I won't be sleeping before the social.

I am also bringing some left over bread rolls, a tray of beef cooked on the spit, some fruit salad, and some bread rolls. as well as some lubrication if I can fit it all into the esky.

I'll be at Clifton Gardens in around 2.5 hours (approx 5.00am) if the deckies are ther on time.

One of my deckies won't be there - Rahul, and he has been replaced by the better looking Alicia.

Counting down the minutes now !!!!

See all of you soon.



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