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Fishing The Hastings River @ Port Macquarie

Brad Duffell

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Will be up there in a caravan pk along the Hastings River 29-12th Jan. Maybe see you up there.............


Any advice you can give on either inside or o/s fishing would be appreciated. Have mainly fished the hastings upstream/around the 2nd ferry.


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Yeah ill be up there for 2 weeks visting my folks as well... are you going to be landbased or boat? If fishing from the breakwall you catch your usual suspects, bream, flatties, tailor....there is shitloads of blackfish to be caught. If you wanna try for a jew, i suggest you take some yakkas over to the north shore break wall (over the ferry) and have a crack....

If your in a boat PMQ is lizard heaven, plastics along the flats work a treat (anything gold works for me)....plenty of oyster racks for bream too, use lure: Ecogear SX40 you will clean up.....if you wanna go outwide be careful crossing the bar it gets pretty hectic at times...

Have you got a beach rod?? plenty of good beach fishing.....hit shelly beach on the side with the long wodden stairs...(you will se what i mean when you get there) try for jewies and sharks...also the north shore beaches are great...

I also recomend popping up to hat head for the day...its only about and hour away.....anybody that has been fishing here knows how good it is.... its on the contintntal shelf so you can catch just about anything....

anyway cheers and have fun


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thanks for the replies fellas yeah ill be up there from the 13 till 20th so ill miss you bloo, when will you be up there wetting a line? i might catch you up there if your fishing the breakwall or land based near the mouth. cause im looking at fishing the breakwall, thanks for the help guys.



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