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Who Is Going Out This Weekend - Long Weekend


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Who is going outside this weekend either from the Harbour or Botany Bay?

I think Friday is going to be the pick of the days according to seabreeze and a change is coming sometime Saturday.

I would like to go out, but would prefer to tag along with someone else.

Safety in numbers and local knowledge also helps.

After our dismal effort at the Kingy social, I am desperate to catch some fish!!!

The :wife: is having a field day because the last 3 times I have gone out fishing we have caught bugger all. :05:



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I'll be heading out wide with Assassin Sat morning, hopefully we can redeem ourselve's after our pitiful result at the kingy social

I'll probably see you out there Rob, i always manage to run into Assasin out wide... otherwise callsign "Bluefin" on VHF16

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Im Heading up to Port Stephens this long weekend, Will be chasing Dollies and marlin on Friday and Saturday during the day.......Then chasing women on friday and saturday during the night.....lol......only joking...

Hopefully we can crack a marlin of a trailer boat this weekend.

Good luck to all you fellas heading outwide in Sydney....been plenty of Marlin around so we should have some good reports come monday.

Hopefully you will boat some bulls Sammy.

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