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Browns Mountain

Guest IFishSick.

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Guest IFishSick.

Hey Raiders,

Hit the water this morning about 5 ish and were delighted to see the Bay as flat as a tac.


Headed over to the Oil Warf as close as was legal to the bouys, no livies in the slick or on the jigs. Moved to the Hot Water for nothing. Then tried Molineoux Point and again was useless but got a mixed half dozen fish.

So after wasting an hour we headed out to the big blue. The water temp was great, 22.5 at the heads, then moved up to 23 at the BB FAD, we trolled past with 1 Yakka and 1 Pike for nothing. Hoping to bash the mountain we were a little dissapointed to see the FAD's rope tought with the current. So the plan turned to trolling around the mountain.

On our way to Browns we had a quick troll around the BB Wide FAD with 2 Yakka's for nothing. While reading in a million other posts about how you guys see the big bull dollies cruising around the FAD's we were hoping to spot a few, but nothing.

On the way we got excited when we saw a nice little V right in front of the boat. Dad called a Shark, I called a Marlin fin. Both wrong it was a Slimey swimming on the surface and poking his head up for a little look at us. We spent 10 minutes trying to catch the little bugger in the net but he was too quick.

In half an hour we arrived at Browns. Travelling at 45km/h in calm seas certainly kills travel time. We got the gear ready and dad was down with the two halves of the dead pike and half a sweep. As soon as he reached the bottom there was a fish on. Reeling in got about 100m and it was called off. Having to reel to the top for nothing is a real pain in the a**. We saw at the surface that what we called for a Gemfish had chewed right through the wire.

Two more uneventful drops followed and it was time to call it quits. On the way home got excited twice to what we thought were fish, but as usuall it was a pod of dolphins. Although these weren't the usuall bunch of Common Dolphins. These ones were 3m long and were absolutely huge! They swam at the front of the boat but didnt last long. There was another pod just to the left of us, and don't they FLY! We're travelling at 45km/h and these dolphins are catching up to the boat in a flash.


When at Botany heads we saw a rescue chopper hovering over the rocks, I hope no one needed to be rescued, will be reading the paper tomorrow to find out.

With this water temp I should say the Dollies would be here in no less than a week and a half if the temp is kept constant. Bring on the dollies!!!

Here is the chopper, hopefully doing a routine drill.


Check out these razor cuts on the Sweep bait, no wonder it cut through the wire!


Here is the Slimey swimming along the surface while we try to catch the little bugger


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nice report and pics shame about the lack of fish.

the rising water temps made the news and temps have been over the 22 degree mark in most areas. yet in the weather report they stated that these warm waters may only lasy until the end of the week as more northerly winds are predicted to blow the warm surface water out to sea and allow the colder/deeper water to rise to the surface. lets hope the higher water temps last long enough for the dollies to get going!!

cheers pk

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IFishSick. bloomin' heck, great report! Pics & words really took me there & I'm 3 1/2 hrs from nearest salt water. :thumbup:

I think I even got seasick watchin' the vid footage




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