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Portkembla Beacon


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gday fellars

we stared out from shellharbour ramp about 545 got a dozen liveys just out of the harbour then off we went to the beacon off portkembla to see if there were any dolphin fish about dropped the livey in 1 on the surface and 1 down deep drifted past he beacon not a hit on the liveys so i threw a soft plastic out and zzzzzzzzzz in comes the first little dollie so my brother trys a pillie and straight away zzzzzzzz another little dollie did this for another hour ended up with a few more fish not 1 hit with the liveys so then we started trolling out to the shelf then south had a few screaming runs but no hook ups we watched a marlin atack 1 of our lures for about 20 mtrs he finaly grabbed it and threw the hook :074: basterd but all in all it was a great day on the water

heres a photo of some of the dollies

cheers mik


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Guest IFishSick.

Yeah that GPS mark looks pretty appetising doesn't it!

Awsome catch there, finally someone catching bloody Dolphinfish.

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the beacon is about 8km off port the fad is a coule more km out here are the gps marks hope yah catch a few


S 34.28.416

E 151.01.316


S 34.27.360

E 151.04.386

cheers mik

That's the way mik, sharing your information with fellow raiders will pay off for you in the long run :thumbup:

I like your style and a nice catch indeed

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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