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Harbour Thursday


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I usually get back to work on Mondays with stories of all the fish I have caught, battled and lost over the weekend. Most are surprised at the fish that we catch right here in the harbour and others are little skeptical.

So on Thursday I took one of my workmates who is a king virgin and my brother out to chase kingfish.

At first light ,a quick spin for squid then off to catch kingies.

We set the downrigger and begin trolling. The kings were definitely there and were coming up to the squid for a look, but wouldn’t take. Lifted the squid to find it ripped apart. Not a good start.

We stripped what was left of it and drifted over the spot, but it kept getting picked upon seconds of hitting the water. Change of tactics again.

Didn’t’ want to waste the remaining livie, so we stripped a squid caught a few days earlier. One on the rigger and 2 on the surface. In a few minutes my mate was on…. and a few seconds after that he was re rigging.

A quick move and lines out again. Minute later and we’re on, I’m on strike and after a short fight we have a 64cm kingy on board.

My mates up next and he didn’t have to wait long before his rod is bent over. I get the boat into the clear and he is on his way to getting his first kingy. Gets it to the boat, but it takes a final dive and snap….bye bye kingy. Forgot to tell him to back the drag off when its at the boat.

Off we go again and bang..my mate is on…then bang …second rod goes off and my brother is on. Double hook up. I net the first one and my mate is no longer a king virgin. Then bang third rod gets hit, and hit in big way. Before I get a chance to get to it, 50 pound braid is parted. There was now a whole school of them around the boat and ended up with nine of them before we moved on.

On the way back to the ramp we came across a big bust up, which we found were bonito….great fun on bream rods and 4pd line.

Anyway sorry for the long post..just started typing and didn’t realise how mush I’d written.


some people have been asking about my sounder, so i thought i'd show them. The dark red line at 6m is the bomb. You can see the kings moving up to the squid and some single arches towards the right.

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