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New To Site King Mad!


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Hi all,

New to site really loving info and fishing reports.

It sounds like im as mad on kings as the rest of you, got out Aussie day for session managed 2 bonito and 2 legal kings 62 & 65 of north head and a few :beersmile:

Might get out 2morrow for early squid session b4 work, keep supplys up!


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mate youve come to the right place to share your passion!!!

youll love it!!

oh and make sure you post your reports and take some pics, good luck and looking foward to reading your posts.

cheers pk


:1welcomeani: to the site, Dan. Thanks for introducing yourself. Looking forward to reading some good reports with pics.


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Welcome to the site!

Well done getting some legal kings ! did you take them on bait or trolling?

G'day Sammy,

Got both bonito throwing lures, whilst siting with live yakkas out.

1 of the kings on a live yakka and the other on a strip of bonito which is a new one for me! Just floated it out the back unweighted got nailed with in about 10 mins!!!

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