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Watersnake & Bait-tank Install Pics


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G'day Lukas, very nice job on your boat there. That checker plate looks great on the floor and casting deck. :thumbup: Also :1welcomeani: to the site. You've come to the right place.

Yes, with photos..try and make each pic no more than 60kb and you have a total of 1 megabyte for the post.

You can always do two posts of you have more than the 1 meg total.

Here's the thread on photo limits etc.


Love to see more of your handywork, so post 'em up.

Great work.



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Thanks for your comments & the tech info was very helpful! Cheers

Aussie Basser,

The pics are a little deceiving after being significantly scaled down. The cav plate is pretty much in-line with the bottom of the hull, I had to raise the motor approx 30mm. The boat if you didn't make it out is a 385 Explorer. The outboard is a budget 25HP CV Yamaha (short shaft) but i had an old 30hp Mariner which had a melted piston so I changed the exhaust/ inlet manifold & carby to the yammy so it's now 30hp. Seems to get along pretty good. I've installed a 12ltr bow tank + 25ltr rear tank + x2 batts and all the other fitout items and the boat handles better than when she was bare plus carry x2 blokes and pull a knee boarder no probs!

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:1welcomeani: to Fishraider lukas. Yeah Thanks Mate. I've been lurking around the site for a while getting heaps of great ideas from you guys!

Does the plate floor get hot whilst fishing? Yes & No. On a really hot day a pair of thongs increase the comfort but it never gets to bad. The plate is 3mm so I guess it takes quiet abit to warm it up; I'd say there is some heat transfer going on from the deck to the hull aswell which helps spread it out. See pic of floor bracing.


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Guest fishrunner

Nice rig there Lukas, :biggrin2: you've done well gettin all the gear into that boat and keeping it neat and organised :thumbup:

You'll have to put a few reports up reguarding the watersnake, as being an affordable alternative to the other brands!

cheers :beersmile:

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Thanks for all your comments guys :thumbup:

Dorado 2. Yeah I was thinking about the carpet thing... Do you have any probs with the stuff stinking like bait or being marked by guts & stuff? I was thinking if things get to hot maybe a cut down non slip mat like you see in a restraunt kitchen.

Fishrunner. Mate I can't wait to try the watersnake, I've heard good things about them but they haven't been in the market long to establish a bad reputation either! Time & plenty of :1fishing1: will be the best test for this product. Will certainly let ya know my findings.

I know I'm not in the right forum section for this topic but can anyone give me any tips for fishing on the Pittwater. All I seem to catch are piddly bream the odd taylor/ flounder and that's it. Now I've got the bait tank any tips for catching spots or rigs for yakkas or squid? somthing that will help me bring in the big guys...I know I'm asking for the secret information but i'm getting desperate to catch something larger than what could survive in my fish bowl!

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