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Spinning The Cooks With Johnno And Boxfish


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Gdayyyy all,I had the pleasure of Johnno and Boxfish aboard today for a hardbody session in the Cooks River to show the guys what it is like spinning for bream and flatties on Hardbodies.

We set off right on first light and headed up stream towards the bridges in the hope of a school jew or 2 ,no luck .Water temp 21 .4 and not too bad water clarity.

Decided it was time to see if the bream were around .We cast our butts off for a hand full of fish and it was nice to see Johnno catch his first fish on a Hardbody :biggrin2: a nice Flathead.We were getting hits pretty regular and some good ones at that but for some reason the fish werent hooking up :( .Plenty of small tailor were around and that kept us interested.I managed 5 or 6 Bream and a decent Flattie as well.

All in all a nice day on the water with two very nice blokes and we had a lot of fun.





It is funny how things can turn sour if you dont be careful with treble hooks.It first started off with Boxfish calling out "Mr Ouchee" and he had a treble stuck firmly in his shorts near the nether regions :074: I promplty removed it with my braid scissors and back to it. A bit later on I had a potentially nasty accident with a fiesty bream .I had just lifted it into the boat and was just removing the trebles when it decided to have a big lunge in my hand and ripped the treble across my index finger :( Mr Ouchee struck again :074:

I was lucky the treble didnt bite right in or it would have been off to hospital.


Thanks for the great day out fellas and I hope you enjoyed yourselves :thumbup:

Cheers Stewy

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great report and pics there stewy and lucky escape with the finger!!

oh and just quickly which HB's did the damage, on the fish that is??

cheers pk

The ever faithfull Smilin Jack in the gold with black back :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

nice going fellas :thumbup: , do you ever NOT catch anything swordie??

Most times we have productive sessions and if we do miss out its pretty rare.

Know the spots and your quarry and you should score most of the time.

I have fished the Cooks many times and today was a little bit quiet for the system. We struggled most of the day .Its not uncommon to score 30 or 40 Bream in a session there :biggrin2: and I was indeed hoping for the new guys that today would be one of those but alas it was not the case.

Cheers Stewy

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Nice little session there fellas. Sounds like you had good compay as well.

Those smilin' jacks are deadly most of the time and always reliable.

Hope the digit heals quickly and you go back for more again soon.



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Great report & pics once again Stewy. That's a fine Bream you're holding up mate. :thumbup:

Sounds like the fishing was pretty tough but you boys made the most of it anyway. Well done on the Flattie Johnno. :biggrin2:

Now what exactly was it you removed with your braid scissors from Boxfishs' nether regions Stew?! :074::074:



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Okay well as stewy said we headed out for a flick

with 16hrs water time in the last 2 days

i have had a blast today

we did work hard but we wern't at work working hard :biggrin2:

i have a few pics i will post

Thanks Stewy and Boxfish for great company

I am over the moon


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Well done guys. :thumbup:

Stewy, I'm still up for a fish with ya. :1fishing1:

Just struggling to get back into a routine since starting with a new employer since Christmas and still trying to get a routine happening at home. :wacko:

Schools back so it shouldn't be long. :biggrin2:



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