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Launchin And Retreiving


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Guest Big-Banana

You'll learn most of it from mistakes mate, theres some things that you only learn from doing them. Leaving the winch handle on is one we did a few times. Get into a process where the people involved know what they're doing. Preferably head down during the quieter times and get into a rhythm.

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Mate it might be worth while having a chat to Trailerboat Hire?

He may be able to give you some lessons?

But i always am with someone who can at least reverse the trailer, I do most of the boat stuff - works well.

But i would love to be able to drive my boat on - imagine how quick that would make the get out time!!!

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Mottyman & I have the same procedure as CFD & Sammy.

As CFD mentions ,

getting the boat on the trailer is only part of retrieving, reversing the trailer and setting the roller depth correctly is important too, the most common mistake i see is people sinking their trailer. stupid...

if you sink the trailer then the boat has no support when you wind it or drive it on and it floats everywhere

We found this to be the main key to sucess & when David reverses the trailer for retreival he stops when the water just covers a particular roller. A few rev's on the motor & the boat just slides on



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hey Rob

ive only just got into boating and fishing for that matter!!

i remember my first time putting the trailer in by my self. lets just say s#%t hit the fan.

to start with i nearly jack knifed the trailer then when i finally got the thing wet i was way way way too deep and the boat started going all over the place.

so like most of the other guys have said take someone with a fair bit if experience with you the first couple of times and you will have no troubles at all.



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go down to your local boat ramp on a week day when no one else is waiting to use the ramp, and practice launching and retrieving. always make sure you have removed tie down straps before you back the trailer in.

depending on what type of boat and trailer you have, you may be able to drive the boat on and off.

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Ensure the BUNGS ARE IN before launching, enough fuel out and back.Everything else is pretty fool proof.



P.S.never had to do it but I could not imagine anything worse than having to drag a boat full of water back out.Come close once though,remembered just in time.

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The key to launching and retreiving quickly is not speed it is lack of it.

Take your time, approach slowly so you can react and counter react. If you come in to fast on the wrong angel you will have to back up and start again, costing you time and adding to your stress levels.

And if you do forget the bungs...

Give her a bit of throttle and trim to keep the nose in the air and drian the water back out again while you are heading back in, not that I would know :1prop:


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