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Live Bait Tank How Much Is To Much?


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Hello all

I have a delema, I am currently setting up a Live bait tank.

My over flow will be at around the 65litre mark(unpumped).

I was think when is to much water a bad thing?

ie- weight on the rear of boat

raiders out there that have tanks what is your water capacity?


any advice is greatly appreciated

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Thanks Anthony

It will be going in a Quintrex 5m mill hull aluminium

in the on the floor area against transom hoses hanging over onto Maxi transom

position is central on boat

Keeping Mullet /squid

haven,t ever caught slimies/yakkas but there might always be a first

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I have already got the tank (Rectangle) and made the neccesary stands etc

See how it goes if i need a circular one i will change it later (RE swimmingbaits in circular= very logical)

I was going to set up with a waterscoop,with a pump which was going to flow into the bottom of the tank

as you describe.

Thanks again

any others out there with advice or no others have tanks

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any others out there with advice or no others have tanks

My Allison hase a factory fitted (moulded into hull) baittank just in front of the engine well in between the lift out rear 1/4 seats.

I normally only fish 2up. Cant say the weight really effects the trim. I have a single battery and a 40kg Aux motor at the back.

Its prob 65-80 litres oval shaped.

70cm long X 35cm deep x 35cm wide roughly?

On Australia Day we had about 28 yakkas (10-17cm) in there.

We only used 8pcs (slow day) so had 20 swimming around for about 5 hours with no deaths. All released healthy back to where they were caught on the way home.

Ive got a 500gph pump and a scoop to use on move.

Had the pump going all day due to the large number of fish. With only 10-15 Yakkas i turn it on and off every 10mins or so when i remember.

My inlet and overflows are at the top on opposite sides. It was already plumbed when i bought the boat second hand.



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I have found that when your trying to keep squid alive it is best to have the tank as dark as possible, SO i wouldnt recommend having a transparent lid.

I have a approx 30litre bait tank in mine and i can easily keep 30 yakkas alive and around 10-15 squid, i have had yakkas stay alive for 10 hours until i got back to the ramp.

My mate has a very big bait tank, its great as you can keep heaps of bait alive but it is a bastard when you only have a few livies left and your trying to catch them.....they can be difficult bastards

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