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Kingfish Carpark


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I've seen more boats there - but the kingfish carpark was pretty full on Sunday morning by 6am

I spent more time reading the paper then actually fishing the hour I was there and missed the only

run I had while reading the fishing report......

Watched a guy pull in a 85cm king on 3kg gear - By the screams I guess he was pretty happy.

The whole of North Harbour was boiling with Bonito and bait at first light - but they wouldnt strike on 5g or 15g metals, flies or a CD9. I spoke with 3 other boats where fishing and no one hooked up fishing the school. I didnt try sluggos or bait but it was still pretty cool watching the bait leap out the water closely followed by the Bonito in hot pursuit.


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Yep - Its the Yellow Maker at Quarantine Head.

When I first moved to Sydney it was peak fishing season and there was 30 boats and two charter boats fishing tightly packed together and a lot of people including us caught Kingys. So we nicknamed it the "kingfish carpark" - so now when when we give each other a fishing report we always include wether the carpark was full or empty...

However there must be early bird rates at Clifton Gardens at the moment :)

PS - Gotta love Sydney Harbour on calm, early mornings like that!


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