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Water Conditions Tomorrow Friday


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Hey guys

Just pumped a good bucket of yabbies for a day on the Hawkesbury tomorrow with my Dad. Planning to hire a little tinnie at Brooklyn. Planning to fish around the Vines or the bridges. It was bloody windy this afternoon, the weather prediction for tomorrow says S/SE winds 10-15 knots. Is that really windy? Will it be fishable? Sorry for the dumb question, but not much of a boatie. Thanks.

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Thanks guys

It was beautiful conditions on the Hawkesbury yesterday. We left the boatshed at 7.15 and arrived at the Vines at 7.45, just before dead low tide. We burleyed and used live nippers, so disappointed we didn't nail any decent bream. Just undersize soapies, one keeper flattie and about a half dozen catfish which took a liking to our nippers (plus an octopus!). Moved to Milson flats, drifted and only managed more undersize bream. About 12.30 moved to Dangar Island. Immediate action, with 5 keeper bream, a thumper 37 cm whiting and more throwback bream and reddies. All in all a most enjoyable day. No thumper bream (next time maybe), but got a feed in the end (always seem to with premium bait on the Hawkesbury). Any Hawkesbury experts got advice on how to fish the Vines?

Will post pics later.


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Well done Brendan,

It sounds like you had a good time there mate.

Live nippers are a great bait, nothing beats them. :thumbup:

Looking forward to seeing some pictures mate.

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Good report there :biggrin2:

Definately did better then me :mad3:

I have never really fished the vines, I know the current runs through pretty hard so you need some good weight there. Mind you, you did really well, the feed looks terrific :biggrin2:

Cheers Shaun

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Hey Beachwormer,

I don't usually fish the river (only when conditions are not good outside) but there are a number of exellent estuary fishos in our fishing club that over the years I have learned a lot from. These guys know the Hawkesbury like the back of their hand.

The Vines is a run out tide spot and for obvious reasons best fished on small tides. Yes you do need a fair amount of lead, we use I think its a #4 ball sinker (about 12mm dia.). You do tend to loose a bit of gear on the reef. Look for about 12 metres of water on the edge of reef.

The main baits used there are black crabs, chicken gut, skirt steak and Hawesbury prawn. These guys use a bit of every thing until it is worked out what the bream are biting on on that particular day.

I hope this is of some help.

In return could you tell us where you pump your yabbies?



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