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What Are Raiders Doing This Weekend?

Guest rzep

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Just wondering what all the raiders are up to this weekend?

I am working both days but I might try and get down to the Nepean for a quick bass fish in the afternoon

What ever you are up to keep it safe. :thumbup:

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Might go for another flattie spinning session in the harbour or narrabeen lakes...unless anyone wants to help me catch my first kingy!! Hope everyone has a good wkend and looking forward to seeing some reports on monday!!

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Saturday I was going to go and get some casting practice in readiness for next weekends' ABT tournament on the Parra/Sydney Harbour but since I've changed employers I now may find myself maybe having to work on a Saturday for the first time in eight years. :1yikes:

And I thought I was going to get a haircut as well. :074:

Oh well, I'll know more tomorrow. :05:

Have a good weekend Raiders and good luck with whatever it is you are doing. :thumbup:

cheers :beersmile:


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Saturday. Mottyman , son Andy & I off to Pt Hacking , Shark Island for some livies then head south to see what we can pick up along the cliffs

Sunday , as little as possibe , perhaps sort the boat & gear out for the next outing


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Well this weekend im cruising in my new car, going for a quick bash tomorrow morning with Big Steve and then just cruising....

The :wife: has other plans though, wants me to go looking at baby stuff..cots, feeding tables etc.... :thumbdown:

Hopefully i can convince her sister to go with her

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going out tomorrow to see if i can get some more bream out of the spot i fished last week looks promising after i pulled that 44 number out of there,see if i can top it.has anyone seen or caught any squid in botany lately seems that those 48 cm kings ate them all. :wacko:

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All things being equal i should be fishing the Valiant Wreck one day over the weekedn.

If not maybe a bass session down the Nepean with Rzep & crew!!!


I would be practising your casting mate, and hopefully you can catch a bigger bass than last time :074::074::074::074::074::074:



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