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Sydney Harbour 17/02/07


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Hey guys,

As we do each week me and Sal ( Downrigger) planned to go out to the harbour and chase down some kings, Got a call from Big Steve Last night saying he also wanted to go and as my brother was supposed to come but cancelled i told steve to be at my place at 3.30am.

We got to the ramp at about 5.00am and launched to find squid.

Got to the first spot and we got 2 squid pretty quickly and both were a good size....then it went quiet for 20 minutes or so so we decided to go to the second spot......20 minutes later we dropped a couple but didnt boat any.

On our way to our third spot we saw some schooling fish and we thought we would have a try at them, all we could see was bait fish school but no predators but we persisted anyway, we were casting stickbaits and downrigging a Squid at the same time, after around 15 minutes i thought i would check the squid to see how he was and he was gone.....1 squid lost..........whacked the other one on and within 5 minutes we get a small hit.....then hooked up and up she jumps......A salmon around 60cm.....we bought it in and were pretty dissapointed as we had just lost 2 king baits with no decent fish.

So we went in search of more squid, the squidding was hard work and over the next 2 hours we only managed 2 squid.....lost a few more...we decided to go and try and downrigg them.

During the week i heard about a spot that was going well for bigger kings so we decided to work that area.

Got there and spent about 30 minutes there without any action and no activity on the sounder...So i tell the boys to pull the baits up and lets move on....Rigger come up and we are just about to leave when i see a baitball on the sounder and a few fish on there outskirts.....i ask Sal and Steve what they wanna do and we decided to drop one rigger down and work the area.....

After 30 seconds into the DR run the rigger clips off and bang we are on, a short fight through some tricky waters and we boat a 63cm king...not the hoody were are looking for.

What happened next has never happened before to me.

Steve was on strike and he was using his beautiful torsa 30, we were chatting away not paying much attention when Sal notice a nudge on the rod....i look and steve didnt ( he was in Fairyland Daydreaming i think).....then the rod buckles...and i mean buckles......the drag starts to rip out.....Now this Torsa is set to 10kg strike and he was pulling it no sweat.....then in the 2-3 seconds that it takes Steve to get to the rod we here a bang.......The rod holder breaks......Now this rod holder is plastic but it has caught well over 200 kings and never looked like breaking.....anyway the rod goes to a completely horizontle position with the drag still ripping out...steve freezes for a second and then i see the torsa slowly moving forward and looking like its gonna be dragged out of the boat....i jump to grab it then Steve grabs the rod and tries to get it out but struggles for 4-5 seconds.....

He finally gets it out and i tell him to go to sunset, he does and the drag is still going out......then we see the worst thing any kingfisher can see...slack line......he reels in and still slack line......fish gone....

We are spewing and we find out that he spat the hook....we only had a small hook on that rig.......Steve's spewing as are we.....we inspect the rod holder to see that the bastard completely snapped it.....

We decided to call it a day after that as it was now midday and getting pretty hot.....

We come home wondering and guessing its size but we will never know, atleast we got the hook back so we know it will survive to be caught another day.

Steve with the 2 fish

The rodholder aftermath

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It's amazing how many fishing stories there are out there, it seems I always find a new story every time I head out.

This one is a story with a happy ending, very lucky you did not lose the beautiful Torsa !!!! SPEWING about the lost fish too !!! No doubt a Hoodlum, but as with fishing, you never know unless you bring it up. I was warned about the plastic rod holders, and promptly replaced the downrigging holders with metal ones.

At least you got some good action, aren't squid a pain to catch !!! Easy one day, impossible the next.

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great report netic sounds similar to kelvins report..there must be some massive kings around the harbour now!! hope you guys can rip into them.

On the third bait we get a small tap on the rod. All of us thought it was a little picker . Perhaps a tailer or a bream but all of a sudden the rod just folds right over and the reels starts to scream!!!! Before I could even take the rod out of the holder, we were busted off!

cheers pk

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woo weeee WHAT A DAY... :thumbup:

awesome work boys topped off the day beautifull.. im more thankfull of not loosing my TORSA and tcurve

into the drink so thats the bonus..

anyways off to bed now to do it all again 2moz.. :yahoo:

cheers steve

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