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Favorite Combo

the bream

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Mine would be either my :

2~4kg berkly dropshot,with a symetre 2500 loaded with 6lb fireline, which i use for anything from chasing kings off the wharf( :1prop: ) to bait fishing for bream


my snapper raider with a symetre 4000 loaded with 15lb platil braid :biggrin2:

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For me its my Tekota 800 with a T-curve jig stick spooled with 50lb mono

Its the one that feels best in my hand and the one that has caught me the most fish ( because i use it most i guess).....doesnt matter how much i upgrade this combo is always gonna be special to me.

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Just bought a Shimano "Chronarch" 50Mg, matched to a kinda cheapie rod (Silstar PowerTip 1.7M 4-6Kg stick) spooled with Platapus Supa 15lb

Although I know I should have a premo reel on a better rod but I'm just learning to cast & I don't wanna smash an expensive stick just yet. All in all I'm VERY happy with the setup (Even though its only had one outing so far) I did some practice with a casting plug (And had some tuition from tackle shop hehe) and am delighted to say I think I'm getting the hang of it all. To the point where I was able to almost scone a fining carp (Not the target fish BTW) that I spotted about 20 metres from me whilst casting for yellas. I missed his head by about 2 inches :074: Left handed I might add!!!

So for pure casting ease & pleasure its definatley my fav ATM. Can't wait to match it with a Miller "Barra Raider" :biggrin2:

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