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Coal & Candle Creek


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Not much to report as I had very limited fishing time today (Sunday 18.2.07). Headed down to Coal & Candle Creek to meet up with friends and while the kids were working out who was going to have a ski, I decided to take the opportunity to cast my line out. Caught a couple of littlies and thankfully reeled in this 30cm bream - which gave a nice little fight.

I'm assuming this is a yellow fin bream - what is a tarwhine as they look very similar?

Cheers Marg

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One legal fish is better than no legal fish :)

Difference between bream and tarwhine - should be helpful: http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/inde...showtopic=17616

Thanks for that - nice to know my query wasn't too unusual. Just when you think you know what it is another photo makes you question your decision. I think due to the bulging eye I thought that it might be a tarwhine, although the gut area was white and not black which would indicate that it might be a bream. Oh well - yummy regardless of what it is.

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Congrat's on a nice bream,

what a great place to fish; Coal and Candle is so picturesque.

Thanks Tomahawk - yes Coal & Candle is very picturesque and holds great memories for me. My dad did up a few old boats when I was young and I spent many a weekend zooming around in a dingy around Cottage Point.

Hey MGibbo,

Looks like your'e enjoying your fishing after reading your last couple of reports. Many people get Bream and Tarwine mistaken. If you ask me Tarwine seem to be sweeter to eat compared to Bream. Anyone agree????

Regards Jeff

Thanks Jaybee - I do love fishing and hang out for the weekends to arrive so we can hit the water.

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