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The Georges River


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Hit the Georges today in search of a Jew at the Bridges ,but to my dismay the water was like chocolate.

I spun for 3 or 4 hours for no hits and only managed a couple of flatties and 2 bream .

Wasnt a bad day on the water and when the river clears a bit more there should be plenty of fish :biggrin2:


Cheers Stewy

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Hi Stewy

All the rivers further up the coast were the same! Makes you wonder how they see the lures, sometimes! Gee it can be frustrating when you are out 'working' for that long with little or no reward - the only time I feel better about it is when you are landlubbing & they are boating & still have the same result!



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A question - do you guys think the discoloured water turns the jewies off, or does it just make it difficult to lure fish for them due to the reduced visibility?

I had always thought that the big tides are a good time to chase jewies.

Maybe it is bait fishing only when the river gets discoloured like that?

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