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Landbased Under Gladesville Bridge


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post-3374-1172030592_thumb.jpghey guys this is my first post on this site, I decided to go for a fish today at about 11am, the tide was high and was perfect conditions for a fish. this was my first time fishing under the gladesville bridge and decided to give it a go. after about 30 minutes of fishing i caught this nice leather jacket.. is the gladesville bridge a good area to fish? also are there good landbased fishing spots around this area?
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I quite often fish near the bridge from my boat and get quite a few flatties close in to shore on the north western corner. Basically opposite the marina and on the the western side. There a some small rocks around there and there is also a drop off about 15 to 20 metres out from the edge, so you should be able to cast to it with ease.

Good luck,


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I wouldnt eat anything out of there though...

actually falthead and leather jackets are failry low in toxins, caught at the gladesville bridge they have lower levels of dioxins than mullet and tailor (if yur worried about dioxins dont eat these two from anywhere in the harbour) caught at balmoral.

And if you like leatheries (like most people) try gladesville wharf in the mornings ... plenty of em there

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Mate next to the old Gladesville Bridge on the Drummoyne side there is a rock section where you can climb down and fish off the point (on the left of the old bridge if your facing the water). My bud and I used to catch a bucket of fish down there every time. Bream, Flathead, the odd school Jew, everything. Mind you we didn't even eat them back then because of dioxins levels and that was five years ago, we just fished for fun. There was even a sign saying do not eat fish caught from the area, and that's only a couple hundred metres from the Gladesville Bridge.



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