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Septic Truck Sign


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That's hilarious!

I once passed a truck just like that in Victoria that had stickers on each side at the back like the edited pic attached.

Wouldn't it be great to see the pollies stuck in traffic behind the original... :074:


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Actually it is/was in "Fisheries News & Politics".

I put it in the "politics" section 'cos it is linked with politics. :(

If I wanted it in the bar I would have put it in the bar. :mad3:

CFD, could you pay me the respect next time and maybe PM me to tell me of the problem of my topic been in the wrong section and from that I will gladly respect your decision to move it or either I could/would have asked you to delete it.

BTW, I think I've been a member of Fishraider long enough to know and understand where topics started by myself should be placed. :05:

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