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New Tinnie


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got my new boat on friday arvo! :yahoo: .

busy saturday, went to see american chopper, what a let down! :thumbdown: .

so i took it out today for a test run and to see if i can launch n retrieve by myself. didnt go too well!

got to the ramp, was very windy but that wernt gonna stop me.

took the strap off the boat, took the motor off trailer support, put the bungs in! then turned around and put strap back on put the motor back on support pin and unpacked boat again! my dad says what the heck are you doing, to which i reply, ive left the dam key at home havent i! :mad3: .

see the old tinnie didnt need no key did it!

oh well better luck next time.

blue fin 4.5 center console. 60hp. all 2003. and if the clock is believable only 108h use! :biggrin2: .

few more





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Wildfish , nice rig , the 60 should push it along at a good pace.

Keys , I know exactly how you feel , been there done that. Round trip to home & back , 1.5 hours. :1yikes:

To help speed up the trip , unhook the trailor & leave it at the ramp with one of the guys. Where are the keys for the trailor lock , in a safe place with the boat keys :mad3::mad3:

Now , when loading the boat the keys are one of the first things to go on board


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Mate very nice setup there. You'll have some fun in her when you remember the keys :biggrin2:

I know exactly how you feel, got all reved Saturday arvo up for a re-launch of a re-built motor after months of LB fishing only to find water levels at my local dam were pitiful. This after a 1.5 hr trip too.

As Johnno said, leave 'em in, I do too.

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Nooiicee boat!!!

It may sound anal, but I have a checklist (on computer for easy editting) for when I go boating, including all the things I need to pack (key included), checks (engine etc) I need to do etc. On the list, I've got things I need to do or pack at home, as well as what needs to be done when I arrive at the ramp.

I don't always refer to the list, but I should've last time I got to the ramp. Got all ready, backed the boat in, started the motor, went to drive the boat off but it wouldn't budge. Forgot to take the straps off didn't I !! :1prop::wacko::mad3::thumbdown: Jumped back in the car and drove back up the ramp a bit to take the straps off (very embarrassed), got out of the car & noticed the boat engine was still running. :1prop::wacko::mad3::thumbdown:

Anyway, when I got home I got on the computer and changed to bold text the "Remove Straps" part!!!

nice clean boat, hope she serves you well.

we were trrying to launch our boat yeasterday with the tie down strap still on :wacko:

P.S. Woohoo, I'm not the only one! Good on you Jewnut!!! :yahoo::thumbup:

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got her out today huge differance from the old tinnie, didnt even notice the chop that would have stopped the old tinnie. she got up and moved. but she did develope a miss at low revs after about 40min on the water.3 month engine warranty will come in handy!

but yeah im pretty happy!

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