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South Coast - Kiama To Jervis Bay


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Just got back from a fishing trip down south and here's the report.

Started at Kiama on Thursday the 22/2/07, launched the boat and headed straight to the FAD. With the water temp there nudging 25 degress (24.8) we were all positive that the dollies would be there. The current out there was raging to the south. I reckon it was at least 5-6 knots. We trolled around for about an hour and a half with a variety of baits/lures for not even a touch.

Gave up there and trolled out to Mt Fuji....again not even a touch. Trolled back to Werri Beach and tried for some flatties, but the wind and current was still raging making it very difficult to hold the bottom. Decided to call it a day as we had big plans for tomorrow.

Friday 23/2/07 - Early start, heading down the coast to Currarong. Launched the boat and headed out to the Banks. The water was calm and blue, but the current was still raging. Set the lures and trolled around. Got smashed by a couple of striped Tuna which where quickly boated for bait. Water temp at the Banks was again 25 degrees. Trolled out to the FAD off Currarong and when we arrived it was being held half under water due to the current. Spent 45mins working the FAD without a touch.


With the water warm and blue we pointed the bow to the east and trolled to the shelf where the water temp increased to just under 26 degrees. Picked up a few more stripies but nothing else. Heading back to the Banks where we were greated by a pack of dolphins that put on a spectacular display of high flying acrobatics. These things were launching themsleves out of the water like you see at Sea World.... it was fantastic. I've got some great photos of them.

The day had changed and the Banks was now resembling Cronulla beach with waves breaking out there. I can see why that place is notorious for disaster. The northern end of the Banks came up from 84m to 19m and with the current ripping up over that edge it was like a huge washing machine. Did the wise thing and headed back to the ramp to give the motor a well earned rest...had spent 7hrs trolling continuously.

Saturday 24/2/07 - got up and after some horrible weather overnight was great by a north easterly wind blowing straight onto Currarong boat ramp/beach. Headed to Callala Bay to Launch the boat. Headed out to Pt Perpindicular and quickly caught some huge slimys :1yikes: . With them on board we headed east to the Canyons. Set a combination of lures and skip baits and within no time we were getting hit repeatedly by striped Tuna. As the water again nugded 26 degrees the hit of all hits came. First the port side outrigger gets hit and then the lure is dropped. Bugger we all say! Then the port side corner rod, set long buckles over and the line screams off. We pulled in all the other lines and teasers as line continued to scream off. Then after about 40 seconds the fish spits the 10 inch black magic. :mad3: We were all spewing big time. I was very pissed as I know deep down that was a Marlin. This thing removed about 300 metres of line in 40 seconds. What ever it was it was big.

post-2204-1172488888_thumb.jpg post-2204-1172488922_thumb.jpg

I pulled in the lure and to give you and idea of how big this thing was.... the plastic skirt on the lure was nearly completely torn off and the resin head had a huge chip in it from the strike. It was no striped Tuna!!! As I sit here and type this report, I still can't believe that this thing didn't hook its self.

Continued on the troll for a few more hours until the wind pick up and we decided to head back in. We picked up a few more stripies on the way back in which were put back.

Sunday 25/2/07 - Again the weather overnight was foul with heaps of rain and wind gusts. Decided to stay close as heading out wide was not an option. Put the boat in at Crookhaven Heads and fished the front of Seven Mile Beach in 20mts of water. Picked up 18 good sized flatties in about 2 hours. Headed back in with a smile as we finally had some fish for the table.

Monday 26/2/07 - Got up and travelled back to Port Kembla with the intention of fishing the Five Islands for some kingies but when we got to the ramp and looked at the ocean it resembled that familiar huge washing machine and the wind was predicted to pick up to 25-30knots. So with that it mind we made the decision and didn't even bother getting the boat wet.

Headed back to Sydney. It wasn't the most productive fishing trip, but it was still great fun and it beats working any day!!

I don't know what it will take to catch a dolly this season??? Its nothing on last year when the dollies were thick like those stinking leatherjackets!

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Great report njsconst, sounds like a great week away from work but not as good on the fish front, it has been a very fickle season so far .

A strike from a Marlin sure raises the expectations, unlucky on that one, at least you got a feed of Flatties and there is always next time.

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Sweet report, gotta rate that much fishing in a row :thumbup:

Was there much action in close by others fisho's at Currajong, like kings at the cliffs, or any flatties/reds on close by reefs.

Cheers SHaun

Had dinner at the Currarong Bowling club on the Saturday night :beersmile: . Speaking to the locals they told me that a young fella down there caught a 140kg marlin off the rocks somewhere between Currarong and Pt Perpindicular. Thought oh yeah whatever!

Went back to the Bowling club on Sunday night :beersmile: and sure enough there it was, a photo of the huge Mariln hanging from a tree nearby. So it was no Bulls*%t!

Apparently, once the fish was hooked and tail roped the fella rang a mate in a boat to come and pick it up as they couldn't get it up onto the rock platform where they were fishing from. It was caught on a live slimy and 100lb line.....not much sport, but still a good effort off the rocks.

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