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Little Manly Point


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Hi Guys,

I have been following the forum now for a month and decided to put up my first report.

Over the last month my brother and I have really got into our fishing, we used to go out with the family years ago when we owned a boat. But over the last month or so Chris and I have become totally addicted! And although we no longer have a boat I cant beleive how much we have learnt just fishing our usual spot at Clontarf Beach. But lately Clontarf has been contaminated with taylor! it doesnt matter what we cast out they would eat it or hit it!

So this morning we decided to head down to little Manly and flick out a few soft plastics...

We began by chopping up some pillies for burley, and within 15 minutes we had a few frigates and salmon hooning around close to our rock! They chased out lures but wouldnt hit them! after frantically trying numerous soft plastics we gave up and threw out some unweighted pillie chunks.

Bang! my brother Chris was straight onto a nice Sambo, and not long after I managed a little frigate mackeral! But things soon died down and i went back to soft plastics where I managed to catch a little flatty.

I did manage to get hit by something huge on the soft plastic, and it had a massive run for about 20 seconds before it bent my hook straight! So it was a fun little 1 hour session before work!

All fish were thrown back.

What is the best way to prepare frigate fillets for bait? and what is their legal size to do so?

Sorry for the long post!





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Thanks guys :)

KingsRule: I have read a few of your kingie sessions and am dying to land one! I have managed to hook up on about 5 down at clontarf by the pool, but havent landed one! they bust me off everytime on a grill at the bottom! My goal is to land a kingie soon, big or small!


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:1welcomeani: to the site mate.

not bad fishing session for an hour just before work.bet you didnt feel like going to work once you both were landng some fish :tease: .

look forward to your future posts.

well done anyways

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:1welcomeani: to the site. Great to have people lurking around finally 'come out' and join the community.

We need more land based reports for those of us without a boat and great to see your successful catch.

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