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How Not To Launch Your Boat


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Guest IFishSick.

How funny, that's the same ramp as the show on FOX 8, DANGEROUS

They however tried to send a truck into the drink but got found out.

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probably as this is a high tech euro car

it might have a system where it won,t shift into gear unless the wheel sensors or speedo are stopped

and in doing this reverse forward trick it might not have engaged and kept going.

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:074: Oh dear, so much for german technology, you would think that the big $'s you spend for a car like this that boasts the ultimate in automated built-in safety options,that it could at least of deployed it's side airbags (like the old blow up "Water-wings") and dog paddled back to the ramp?? :05::yahoo::074::074::074::074::074: I reckon he should swap it for a VW beatle, at least it has been proven that this german car is capable of floating for a couple of hours LOL
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