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Jew That Got Away 3/3/07


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thought i post about my tragic but inspiring fishing trip sat night. it started Friday night when i thought id duck up to palm beach wharf to get some live squid for sat night.[i do that sometimes if im bored]. well 100 or so casts for zip so decided to grab a few yakkas instead.. headed out sat night to this spot i hadn't tried for a long while and the night ahead looked beaut,full moon great tide and me keen as. well got to my spot near mouth of hawksbury to be greeted by a 2mtr swell rolling in.. :( shit not good for my tum tum i thought.. anyway found my reef and shit there was more fish on the navman than ive seen before.plenty baitfish and what looked like some nice jew.. dropped my livie in and felt that uneasy feeling hit my guts,swell was not good for me.. after about 10 min :1fishing1: my livey geets spooked and im on,all of a sudden my impending sickness is gone. well my new thunnus screeeeeems and after about 10 min i get him to the side of my boat very awkwardly with some big sets rolling in when shit happens he makes another good hard run for freedom.. this combined with the swell and a slippery

floor sends me crashing onto gunwhale :05: [ didnt feel the pain till adrenalin died down]i think bad knot pulled as i held onto reel and basically locked drag up.better than losing my new reel i suppose.my first go at tieing 60ld leader so any help on knots to use ?? well he was over a metre long definitely a jew as was right next to back anchor light and my pb is 18kg and size was comparable if not a little bigger. anyway i recovered from that but as adrenalin died seasickness rose its ugly head ,sh#t.. so i skull dragged my anchor off reef,was fun in the swell by myself[not] then headed into pittwater to try to recover.. stopped off near a few other boats in the middle and was plenty of baitfish around but minutes later head over the side and i um burlied up if you know what i mean so headed back to bayview.. well it was the most promising night for a long time but was not to be.oh well ill be definitely trying there again next time tides and moon are right.. if anyone wants to know where pm me and ill give the spot,just dont want a flotilla of boats from non raiders cruisin spot and no room for me.not a real secret but as i said there was a bit there so if this weather comes good in next couple nights maybe someone can nail the one that got away.

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Try the improved clinch knot.

I use for just about every rig, and its never let me down, and it is real easy

and quick to tie, just make sure you wet it and pull it really tight ot make sure its locked.

It works great on light and heavy lines, it says not for lines over 12lbs, but I've never lost a fish

through it breaking off or untying - its just a bit harder to tie in the heavier lines

Have a look at the link below



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Bad luck Steve, I'm sure you'll be talking about that one for a while. Good story though - Oh the one that got away!

Isn't it amazing how sea sickness goes away once you hook up, only to come back after all the action dies down. If I know I am going into any decent swell these days I always take a kwells.

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Guest IFishSick.

Not to worry mate, you'll get him next time.

As for the sickness mate, I can't help you. I just go out week after week no matter what and I still get sick, hence the name.

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