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Sydney Harbour Wed 7 March


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After a couple of months reading all of the fellow raiders reports I thought that it is time that I share my Sydney fishing experiences.

Hit the water yesterday with Anthony (AO 7474) after a slight delay with his alarm clock :( .

We left from Tunks Park just as the sun started to rise. Headed to the usual bait grounds to collect squid and yakkas for our days adventures. The squid action was a little slow.

Time had started to get away and we decided that it was time to hunt down some kings.

We sounded up a couple of large areas holding bait and we decided that downrigging was our best form of attack. As Anthony was setting his rigger his spool from his Stella 20000 falls into the drink and all I heard was the splash :05: The spool was retrieved without the line :biggrin2:

We set our lines again and commenced to rigg, and over the following hour we pulled in 6 king fish (5 legal). It was amazing to watch the sounder and look at the fish moving upwards off the bottom towards our tasty baits. We had exhausted our bait supplies so we headed back to the grounds for more. With 6 more in the tank we went back and worked the same area for another 3 good sydney kings.

It was one of the best days on the water I have had. It was a pleasure to fish with someone as dedicated as myself. Thanks Anthony. :thumbup:

Hope to hit the water soon and catch that monster hoodlum.


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Guest AO7474

Awesome catch Mr Roffey, to catch Kingies like that so easily you must of had a fantastic deckie on board!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup::thumbup: Had an awesome day, so we must do it again soon, perhaps in the hew Haines Hunter :1fishing1::1fishing1:

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