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Botany Bay 17/3/07


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Got up early on Saturday morning to find a fairly strong southerly blowing and big dark clouds so decided to wait for a while and see if it would improve and it did by 7/30 the clouds had started to clear and the wind had dropped enough to make it fishable ,got on the Bay at 8/15 went back to the same spot as last Saturday expecting the same results but it was not to be it was very slow a couple of hits but no hook ups,finaly got a flatty it went about 55cm in the next half hour got three more but to small moved to another spot straight out from the oil wharf near the gold posts and got 4 flattys straight away one of 60cm and 55cm and 2 small fish by this time the drift had taken out near the tanker moorings and deeper water I was just about go back and do the same drift again when I got a big hit ,the first run took 100yard 4kg fireline and some mono backing so I started motor and chased it [thank god for centre consoles]this went on for about ten minutes before he got tired and then he was mine , a very unhappy 61cm KINGFISH

So that was enough excitement for me I called it a day and was back at ramp at 11/30

P/S all fish taken on gulp shads camo & lime tiger


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Guest IFishSick.

I've got some of those Lime Tigers. Might have to give em a go in the bay for some Flatties.

Good work :1prop:

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