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24 March 07 - Burrendong


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Hi All

Managed a day out on the water today. Took a work mate with me (Much easier with two)

Trolled Cudgegong upstream again. Headed out to Pine Hill area again & took awhile to get any action. Was starting to think my companion was gonna go home empty handed when suddenly I spotted a nice big Wedgetail Eagle. (Always a good sign for me)

Within 5 mins we were on. Brought a nice Yella aboard & then my mate was on during the continuation of the same pass. Another good pansized model was eskied & we were on a roll.

About 30 mins passed with nothing happening & then my mates on again. This time he skull dragged what at first was called as a loose snag, then fowl hooked Yella & finally a Nice pansized Turtle. Opps, sorry, I mean it was about the size of a pan.

Hooked him in the hind leg. He was ok and after a scramble to the dark mysterious hidey hole behind the fuel tanks he was coaxed out. Paparazzi pushed to the front of the "Save the Turtle" line, snapped a shot & he was released. Slightly worse for wear & muttering something about "Not my best side?"

Trolling again & we found out that the river actually does have a bottom. Or more precisley a big chuck-o-thick mud that loved my prop. (Thank god I just bought another one eh Chris)

Turned for the down-stream home run & after about 3/4 hour we thought we'd done our dash with the Yellas only to find a couple more close to some structure that loved my bright little Crazy Deep (Edit: Sorry, my mistake, it was a Poltergeist Fluro yellow & pink) even better that the mud loved my prop. Tried for about 20 mins and gave up. Surrendered said lure to the river gods & kept trolling.

The clouds started to roll in & the rain that was forecast looked like it was coming up fast. With the suddenly overcast conditions I changed tactics & put a black & grey Jackal on. 2 mins later I'm on again. Then my mates on within 2 mins of re-starting & suddenly its beserk. Finaly knew it was a day to be remembered when I got snagged again (In what I thought was a totally new spot) only to discover the snag was my lost lure. :thumbup:

Got both back & hauled in another Yealla to bring our tally for the day to 9. Kept 7. Mate took two, I took two & our new neighbours now love me for the other 3.

We threw the last one back & headed home with thoughts of crumbed fillets & beer. Yummy.

Here's some Pics.


After arriving back at the ramp we were told by a couple of guys that had met alot of boats at the ramp, we were the only crew they heard today had any success!

We used bright yellows, oranges & fluro combo HB bibbed. 5 to 11 feet depth. And one Black & Grey Jackal that went very well. Trolled as close as possible to any trees, walls & structure (I can see 'em now thanks to my new sounder!) tried our best to stay in about 17 to 24 feet of water with best results being around 18 feet & lure depth of about 10 to 11 feet.

Hope you all had / have great weekends. Thats my fishing dome till Easter now.

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what is"yellows, oranges & fluro combo HB bibbed"??? Good catch !!!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

Is there any carp around that area?

Refering to lure colours. HB = Hard Bodied lures (Plastic or wood) combo just meant any combo of yellows & orange. Also, you've picked me up on something I overlooked. I incorrectly stated I used a Crazy Deep. It was infact a Plotergeist by Halco.

Like this.



Carp, yeah mate heaps. Throw in a rock & you'll hit at least one. They don't seem to like my lures (Thank God) but they love worms. I know they do take lures on occasion though. See these posts re-carp at Burrendong.

Carp 1

Carp 2

Carp 3

Nice catch there Boofhead,

How were the Fillets and beer.


Thanks Penguin. Yummy is the word mate. Little bit of flour & egg, pan fried. Ohhhh yeah baby.

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Hey mik,

Now you're living like a king, fresh fillets and beer. What about turtle soup and beer? Just kidding. Mate sounds like a great day on the fresh water fishing.

Maybe crumbed turtle and beer.....nah.

Cheers Jeff

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Thanks guys. 'Ol Fanta Pants certainly is earning her keep at long last!

Hey mik,

Now you're living like a king, fresh fillets and beer. What about turtle soup and beer? Just kidding. Mate sounds like a great day on the fresh water fishing.

Maybe crumbed turtle and beer.....nah.

Cheers Jeff

Umm, dunno about turtle soup mate. I think he was more the ninja turtle the way he fought off our release attempts :074:

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The season's sure hotting up for you now boof!

That's an excellent day on the water. Grebbo and I will have to see if we can match it on LBG.

Ok Mondo, that sounds like a challenge! Only I will be on the habour next & being that I'm a newbie to the salt I think I call for a wedge untill after easter :074:

ahhahaha the turtle! :D:D

poor thing... was it showing any signs of distress at all?? :1prop:

The only stress was 'ol mate who was disapointed it wasn't a nice yella. The turtle put up the best fight of the day by a long shot, even thought it was excitedly "Skull Dragged" from the depths! LOL

mmm turtle soup hahah,

just kidding.well done on the catch .

Looks like you might have to que up for the soup mate, everyone wants some. :biggrin2:

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When you are in the harbour boof, the kingies will show you what fishing in the big smoke is all about! Pull that turtle backwards they will. CHeers KElvin

I'm not scared mate.

I know for a fact that our gear will break before anything starts pulling us around in the Harbour :074::074::074:


Can't wait, how many sleeps now mummy? :yahoo::yahoo:

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