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Downrigger Installation


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Looking to purchase a Penn Downrigger, and want to be sure on how its best mounted along with the rod holder position.

Is it best positioning the downrigger at 90deg outward from the port/starbord side, 45deg or striaght out of the back?

How close does the rod need to be positioned to the downrigger, how are others positioned, post some sample pics.

I have a HainesHunter 470 and have no where to mount the downrigger, i will have to use one of the rod holders as the side and back are to narrow to mount anything.

Any info or advise will help as i'm busting to get this on and out to gather some kings!!!!

Cheers Pete


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Mate how long is the arm of your dr,

it may be too short to clear the back of your boat,hence

the need to move your rod holder further back or add a new one.

I have a rod holder on the arm of my dr and am soon to make it

redundant as I think it wont be strong enuf for that monster fish

that I will surely hook up soon :1prop:


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Mate Penguin is right...the holders on the DR's are not strong enough, i recommend you mount the rigger to go outwards and then put a rod holder about 50cm further up towards the bow which will be where the rod sits...

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Thanks for the responses, looks like i will need to install a new rodholder forward of the existing one and mount the DR on one of those gimbal mounts.

Cheers guys

i STRONGLY SUGGEST that the rod holder u install be a STRONG STAINLESS STEEL type

ive been out with netic this king season and TWICE we got BIG kings hit and totally stuffed

the plastic holders and sounded like a GUN SHOT..

also almost lost 2 VERY expensive rod n reels over board so for a few extra bucks go

the SS type rod holders :thumbup:


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i was hesitating about putting my rods on the rod holder that comes on the arm of the d r , lucky for me when i had a rod on there i didnt get a bite.

Not much has changed mate....do you get bites when its in the SS holder???

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Mate, I have a Haines 445F and the gunwale is too thin for my Scotty 1050 base. I actually got a base plate made from king board and mounted it as close to the stern as possible. It works fine. Having experienced and see different ways of mounting the downriggers, I would use the gimbal mount on my next boat. They are portable and quite stable, you just need to install another SS rod holder for the mount.

The guys are right, do not use the rod holder on the downrigger, trust me :biggrin2:

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