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Raiders Plans For The Weekend? 30/31


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After being landbased for the past month with boat service, exams, assignments, this saturday will be my last exam for a while, so definately heading out on the harbour on Sunday no matter what the weather is like. Reading to many good fishing reports and I'm missing my time on the water.

See you out there.



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I scored a ride with a raider on a boat last friday morning and managed my first kingy :thumbup: but now it's back to CG wharf for me friday morning, then sunday morning I might have a ride with a family friend out offshore on his boat to chase whatever reff fish there are about.

Trying for some squid tonight.

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Guest IFishSick.

Friday will be prep night for Saturday

Lilli Pilli or Wally's warf early Saturday morning

Then watch the Sharkies smash the Rabbits

Sunday = Sleep in and work

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Guest Plastic Fanatic

Saturday - Mow the lawns and then wrestle with the Bundy Bear while the Sharks dismember the bunnies (who says rabbit's feet are good luck :1prop: )

Sunday - Take my hangover for a walk along a couple of my local estuaries and try to get on to another batch of popper-munching bream!

Have a great weekend all!


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