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Spot X - Produces Again


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Hey guys , went out this morning with Shant and Lurespinner

Also met marcus (fishorcutbait) and bbenny down there.

Managed 1 nice squid before it got light, started berlying up on sunrise (millions of 'lollipop' yakkas around!)

a rat king was seen in the trail , then disunderwatered.

Winding in my squid bait & suddenly it got hammerd by a watson's leaping bonnito right on the surface :yahoo:

Action was hot for the next hour or two i managed to land 4 watson's :biggrin2:

Tom hooked a big mullet in the mouth with a metal ( :1yikes: ) geez they fight!

which was being closeley followed up by a kingy . although the mullet had enough power to go under the rock ledge infront of us :ranting2:

There was boof's on the surface behined lures and everything, awsome.

sadly that was it for me as i had used up all my luck :tease:

The kingies are DEFFINALTEY still around , marcus almost got spooled once and hooked another at our feet.

But ill leave those stories for him to tell. :biggrin2:


(new PB watson of 44cm:biggrin2: )

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Bloody hell mate, you keep on making me want to go out more and more with your fish full reports :1prop:

Try and get out on Friday and try bait for those bloody pelagics, screw the lures I've had enough losing them on the nets :mad3:


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hahah Rob :P

You left none for us! Nice work thought :):) Hahaha

and thanks for letting me have the fish :D:D I'll be eating them tomorow night for dinner :thumbup:

lol here's a pic of our livewell LB lol , with the use of Marcus' Air thingo :P thanks!



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Nice work Kingsrule!

I managed to catch nothing!

but i still cant beleive that Pike i threw back that got smashed by a nice rat right infront of us!

...Next time for sure!

Much action after i left?


Yeah that was amazing :1yikes:

Just one more squid, saw couple of bonnie schools but they wern't really interested..

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Yeah rob, was an awesome little day.

All up i got 3 kingy runs... and i say runs due to the fact 2 almost spooled me and had to use my hand to help the drag... then twang... :1badmood: the the last was the best.

Managed to hook ( of all things a yakka ) on an sp...lol... good news was as i held it in the water about 2 feet below the surface a kingy came up and BANG... on again.

All i could do was look at the guys as it consistantly took line, and my little Sienna 1000 doesnt hold alot anyway... but sooooooo much fun. Also lost a big flattie due to the shakes and got nailed by what i think was a groper, but once locked in under the rock leads not much 4 lb brain with 8 lb leader can do huh.. :1prop:

Was awesome to get out with the guys for a day in spot X, and see then nailing some great fish.

Cheers Marcus. :04:

P.s.. Bbenny, told ya to put that pike on ya hook.. he he... :biggrin2:

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Yup, as mario said.

Dead as a door nail. Spot X gets the big XXXX from me today...lol

As every fisherman knows :05: but we still know we go back time after time, thats the lure and the love we call fishing.

Thx for joining me mario, sory didnt produce like yesterday mate.

Ciao Marcus :04:

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