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S.g.f.c Easter Classic...champion Boat...

Flat rock

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HI there,on the easter longweekend we fished in the sydney game fishing club easter classic,on the friday we headed out of broken bay,the 60 fathoms mark came slowly because of 3m swell,we got there and the tournament was cancelled due to 3m swell and 20knots of wind from the south,so we headed back in...saturday came and swell was pretty much the same but less wind,we decided to go for sharks at lion island but did no good so we brang them up and headed east and put the spread out in 20 to 25 fathoms which is about 1.5 to 2miles out and bang the right rigger goes off and we were very very supprised that we were in so close and we hooked up to a little black marlin of about 50kg,so he came up pretty quickley and a tag was set in him and hook was released and swam him off nicely,we were so shocked about how close we hooked that little black..And we were also the first boat out of 35 boats to hook up..so we put the spread out again and 15 mins later the right rigger goes of and a little yellowfin of about 6kg takes a 9inch hellfire lure so up he came and tag was set and let him go... 12pm came along,and swell picked up a bit to the 3m mark.We got to 60 fathoms and we had another black in our pattern of lures,he swam with us for 5mins or so and couldnt take his pick out of 4 lures,and then he disapeard for 10 secs or so then wammo he took the right rigger again and he was much bigger prob about 90 to 100kg,he swam straight for us and under the boat and the circumstances it was we couldnt reverse in the large swell and in a 25ft hunstman it wasnt very pleasent,so we ended up having a wave land in the back of the boat and fill us basically up the engine box was full with water and the back deckking was up to our knees,while my mate andrew was still fighting the fish directly under the boat and line was rubbing on the underneath and bang busted off..not to worry about the fish we were in serious trouble with water in our boat big time and also our bildge pump sh$ting its self we wernt in a good state...We went threw 3 bildge pumps all sh$ting them selves and we had our last option which was a hand pump,which took us 2 hours and finnally gat the majority of the water out :1prop:...we headed in to watsons bay and handing our tagg cards in and made our way home to get cleaned up for the presentaion at 7pm..so after getting cleaned up we sat down at the presentation with around about 100 people there,champion male angler went to a angler with a 254kg blue marlin and next was champion boat capture tagg and release,which went to us yeeeeehhaaaaaaaaaaa $8000 grand worth of prizes and we were the smallest boat in the tournament which was unreal...and thank god for us not sinking....here are some pictures below..our boats name was wild wing???



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Congrats on the win, llove the gold reels, still dreaming about the marlin :1prop:

cheers james

Aren't we all mate :mad3:

As far as I'm concerned they don't exist in my world of fishing, at least not yet. Little more experience, little less sea sickness, then the days can be spent trolling out very wide for Marlin :thumbup:


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a few mates told me that boat won...all i could remeber was the "wild" in the name......

Didnt realise that someone from here was on board....i was going to come down to the presentation but had to pull out last minute.

Congrats again

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The old Huntsman is still a mighty boat and I assume your in the good ol Broken Bay Game Fishing Club

Congrats on your win in such tough conditions.!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:

Keep some of that powder dry for next year at the 2007 Interclub Port Stephens. It would be nice to see Broken Bay back in her glory days again.


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