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The Entrance Social April 2007 (day 4)


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Day 4 dawned with a chilly wind from the SW and not a lot of people were stirring in the wee small hours.

A hectic night on the beach had taken its toll on a lot of us :wacko:



OFFTAP and his clan headed out in search of a winning fish for the comp.


Chris55 and Sorro also headed out and were in need of a little luck as the bigger fish had eluded them thus far.They ended up with a very nice 42 cm flattie for the BBQ ,well done lads

Couple of the lads Outdoordan and Luke were down on the beach getting tuition from Roberta on the fine art of beachworming ,which she is indeed a dab hand at :biggrin2:

Brad and No1 Son Brett headed off in search of more Salmon on the Beachand came back with 2 nice specimens.

I was readying all the gear for the pack up and the 11pm ceremony .The Offtap crew came past waving to me and saying they had a potential award winning Bream on board :yahoo: .




I quickly ushered them to the bank and to my utter delight and joy young Chloe had scored herself a beauty of 33 cms just pipping Mike with his 32 cm Bream . Measured and photographed they set off again in search of more winning fish.

I would like to acknowledge a few true Fishraiders as well,Davy and his mates caught the train up and carted all their gear all over the place,great effort fellas and I hope to catch up with you 3 again real soon.


B4 Tony had a lot of bad luck the last few months and he didnt have a car and was at the Social every day and even brought his whole family down to meet us.Great to catch up with you again mate and we will get together more often for a few beach of blackfish sessions

Rebecca ,Stumpys Daughter who with sheer perseverance stayed on the Beach on Saturday Night well after dark and scored for herself a fantastic 48 cm Tailor which proved to be a winning fish for her as well.


I had the chance to meet some fantastic new people on this Social and I would just like to say I am one proud person this week.

The Winners are as follows ,

Rebecca .......Largest Fish by a Junior Lady Angler 48 cm Tailor


Caige (outdodad) .....Largest Fish by Junior Male Angler 52 cm Salmon


Mike (Breamhunter) .....Largest Flathead for the weekend 51 cms ,Mike had to leave early and his Winners Trophy will be forwarde to him.


Chloe ........ Largest Bream for the weekend 33 cms and Chloe is a junior female angler folks .



Ross organised a casting comp for the Juniors and the Oldies.



B4Tonys Son won the coverted Junior Prize a great rod&reel combo supplied by Flightmanager



Hookem ( Jason ) was the winner of the Adults comp and won for himself a bottle of Mateus kindly donated by Jeff ,Dalucius's Hubby.


Donna organised some great trophies for the winners and made up some awesome certificates to hand out to the winners.


To Donna who works her ass off for these weekends ,another great job darling.

To Ross and Peita and everyone who put in the hard yards as well as the members and thier families you are all fantastic people to be associated with and I can wait to meet up again .Wow what a weekend.

Thanks to Dunleith as well as they were very good hosts and we will be back again next year for sure.

Special thanks to Wattos at St Marys for the great prizes for the kids .

And last but not least Stumpy (Murray) who donated a heap of prizes for the kids and through his generosity,no child who attended the Social went home without a prize.



Cant wait for next year already.




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great report, thanks for that good to hear of the fish which were caught and

congratulations to all the winners of the comps. unfortunately i couldnt be there

with many others but that report gave me a feeling of almost being there thanks


well sone to all who helped out in the arranging of the social also.

regards mark

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What a top weekend.

Well done to all those invovled in making it such a succes. :thumbup:

Due to family commitments Peita and I had to head off just after breakfast so we did not attend the awards ceremony.

Thank you to all that contributed time or prizes to make this such a good event for families.

We will definatley be heading back up for next years one. :yahoo:

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Excellant Excellant Excellant

Excellant Organisation, Excellant Venue, Great Friendly People what more could u ask for in a Social

My Family and i would like to pass on our thanks to all who helped make this a social to remember

the Focus on the kids participation and enjoyment made the weekend a huge success. Everyone had a ball.

Stewy, Donna, Ross and Pieta all your time and effort :yahoo::yahoo: Stumpy and Jeff for your generous Donations :yahoo::yahoo: Wattos as usual for your generous contributions and late night on the drink. :thumbup::beersmile: 3 Cheers for all you Raiders that made this a huge Event

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What a great weekend, I had a ball

Watto and I would like to thank all who helped make this social one to remember

A special thanks to Stewy, Donna, Ross and Peita. ALso thank you to Stumpy and Jeff for your generous donations.

Thank you to all for putting up with me Saturday Nite, I was a little loud etc. Hope I didnt bother anyone.

Thanks to Offtap and family, Paul and Peita for putting up with me last nite.

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Thanks to Offtap and family, Paul and Peita for putting up with me last nite.

It was a pleasure, good fun and laugh, the Midori, Scotch, Bacardi, Vb and Prawns with Peita's home made Thousand Island sauce going down well. And still got up for early morning Social winning fish. Cheers Dave.

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Great weekend.

I will try and get to any upcoming social that I can make as I had a great time.

Now i know more fishraiders I will be more socialble next time. anyone who hasen't been to a social I would recommend you get to the next one if you can.




when the camera works properly (tomorrow) I will post casting comp photos

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I just wanted to say a very big thankyou to Stewy, Donna and Flightmanager and all the raiders who helped organise this social it was one of the best fishing weekends ive ever had ill be comming along to every bloddy social i can get to i tell you what what a great bunch of people great to meet RZEP had a good fish with you mate and to all the raiders that i gto to meet was great meeting you all :biggrin2::biggrin2::biggrin2: Now to the fishing as previously mentioned the fishing in the lake wasnt too crash hot we got a few small bream/flattie but the beach sessions went off sat night i caught a nice taylor off the beach which went absolutelybeautifully on the barbie thanks ross for preparing that :biggrin2: sunday morning after breakky (thanks again Ross and Peita)

Brett ( #1 son) and i went out to the beach for another sucessful hours fishing with a few nice salmon to show.


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My post will probably get lost amongst the hundreds of colourfull pics and stories of fun, but sitting down and reading them until the wee hours of the morning, two common factors arose.

The ability of Raiders to make any time a Good time, and to recognise the people that make it happen.

Thank you Stewy and Donna, Flightmanager and Pieta, Mr and Mrs Watto,and all those that threw in their time to make it happen.

And a huge thanks to all the Raiders that attended and made it happen. :thumbup::thumbup:

A special thanks to:

Paul Rzep for telling me that his name wasn't Peter.

Ross for educating me on engines

Ross's #1 son for wearing his pants around his ankles (See above Pic)

Pieta for saving me from Ross's eggs.

Sammy and Fisherdude for wearing Armarni fishing attire and Blues Brothers glasses at the beach.

Team Off Tap for allowing us to secretly follow them in the lake

Marg Gibbo for taking 25 gazillion photos and occupying my wife.

Steve Gibbo for errrrrrrrr, did we get drunk together?

Watto for fixing me up with some cool baitrunner reels and a rod, and some plastics, and some fish traps ,and I told Joe it cost $25.00 :wife:

Claudia for letting me know exactly where she was all bloody night.

And all those that helped make a fishraider weekend errrrrrrrrr......... A Fishraider Weekend :thumbup:

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Hi all,

Sorry we didnt make it hope Geoff gave my apologies, it looks like you had a great time. Dunleath is a great place we holiday up there every year and landed some big flatties one 74 cm long, but most a bit smaller lol

glad to see you had a great time an dlooking forward to next one we can get to

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Hi guys

Final day - I deliberately slept in!!! I needed my beauty sleep - no smart comments please! Outdoordan & Wildfish/Luke were keen to hit the beach on Sun morning to have a go at beach worming & as I had found a couple the afternoon before, we hit it with hopes high!

I couldn't have had a couple of better students! Both are dedicated fishos & are very observant (an essential ingredient!) Pretty quickly, both were grabbing heads & Luke very nearly had one just using his hands, as we only had my pliers at this point in time, & Dan was using them! I even managed to find a worm & pull it for a visiting American to Oooh & aaaah about!! We then high tailed it back for the presentation.

What a blast! So many happy people in the one area! The casting (especially the younger Raiders) was amazing! Stewy blew us away with his 'bow & arrow' cast that only just missed the middle of the circle!

Many thanks to Stewy, Donna, Ross and Pieta especialy for all their hard work - also Wattos, Stumpy and Jeff for their generous donations and all the others who worked behind the scenes - also Grant for putting his hand up to man the computers. Shame Mallacoota Pete wasn't able to be there - I know he would have loved it! Great to see all the smiles on the dials with the winners receiving their prizes. Inspired touch, having a bag of fishing goodies for the kids!

After the group photos, there was a convoy of Raiders heading back down to the beach, to tackle those pesky Beach Worms! Sammy & Chris (CFD) as well as Gyropilot, Dalucius's hubby Geoff & others. A bunch of pliers were purchased & everyone was at it! Not long after, a cheer went up ..... Luke/Wildfish had pulled his first worm, unassisted, on his first lesson!! Yahoo!!! Not to be beaten, Dan pulled a real stumper of a worm - I was holding it 6" below its neck & it was thick enough to support its own neck dead straight! That was the first worm I have seen to do that! It was THICK! Then he went on to pull 2 more & only missed the next one cos he ran out of hands ..... worms in one hand, pliers in the other, whilst trying to pull the worm that was within the plier's jaws! No wonder it busted off!

Headed back to camp & passed round some worms for the others to toss out .... How did it go?? Anyone catch anything?? The one thing you must remember with fresh worms is to only take as many as you need, & usually, 2 or 3 is enough. They don't last & they pong something terrible the next day, even worse the day after! Cut off the gooey tail bit (it never keeps), then rinse them in metho on the day of capture (after removing all the sand first) if you know you are not able to use them & wrap them in newspaper & either refrigerate or freeze. It is not perfect, but it helps preserve them.

I was tired! However, I was also absolutely stoked! What a successful day, and weekend, all round!

Well done, one & all - it was the participation of all Raiders that made the weekend the success that it was!



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guys the whole week for me was like one long workshop!!! i met roberta on friday, quick chat and a bit of a squiz at some of her ingenious little tricks and inventions and roberta puts a lot of time thinking about how to perfect her craft(fishing), got to chat some more on the way to a great beach session, and then jumped at the chance to learn a bit of beach worming thanks to robertas open offer to show all she knows.

roberta is an absolute legend! thank you very much! :biggrin2:

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Aw shucks! Thanks Luke! I have as much fun getting others onto worms or blackies as getting them myself! Ya can't take your knowledge with you, so share it a little!



Champion wormer Luke/Wildfish


Champion wormer Dan/Outdoordan


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Hi all,

I didn't make it for the fishing though went down on Sunday to meet the fishraiders...

Great bunch of people and all i can say if you don't attend these socials you are most probably missing out on one of the best weekends you and your family will ever have.

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Wow, what a weekend! it was great to meet all you raiders and a weekend of :beersmile: and :1fishing1:

special thanks to Stewy, Donna, Paul and Peita and anyone i have missed for making us welcome and helping our hopeless selves out :biggrin2: hope to meet up with all of you again soon.

Stewy, thanks for trying to help me catch my first salmon even tho i didnt get one...that afternoon!

went back to budgewoi sunday morning as the old man and uncle kindly drove up to the entrance to pick us up so we wouldnt have to cart our crap back down, mentioned to them of the salmon action and went straight there armed with ganged pillies .. yup..caught my first salmon..and then some! best weekend ever!

cheers guys!




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Me and the :wife: are spewing we couldn't make it , almost feel sick reading all these great reports, can't wait to meet more of you guys and get on the :beersmile: and have a :1fishing1: .Well done on organising such a great event!!!!!!!

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I just want to say thanks to all the people involved over the weeekend

for the effort put in to organise and run the event :1clap: to everyone

that donated prizes and gifts (especially for the kids) :1clap: and to all

the Fishraiders that showed up to make it all a success and repay the

the faith of the organisers in it being so well attended :1clap:

Myself , Sorro and the :wife::wife: had a great time and look forward

to doing all again

Thanks for making it a SOCIAL event :thumbup: in all meanings of the word


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For me being a kid at the social weekend i thought it was great fun and to meet other kids who love fishing was also good to thankyou to everyone that organised this great weekend and thankyou also to Flightmanager (Ross) who taught me how to clean and scale my flattie :yahoo: i can now teach my sister and brother how to clean and scale a flattie :biggrin2:

Thanks for a great weekend


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From what I saw of the social, it was a great event. Thanks very much to Ross, Stewy, Donna and anyone else who contributed to the organisation of the social! :thumbup::yahoo: Sign me up for next year too! (although, I seem to be a bad omen for annoying weather conditions :biggrin2: )...


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