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The Lords Prayer- For Flightmanager


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Thanks Billy and Mik , after the social I caught up with an old work mate , so we took him out for the day up at Swansea . At least HE appreciated all the finer points ( and there are many) of the new engine ! :074:

Got home about 7PM , to read an avalanche of posts , phone calls and PMs!!


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hahaah yea i got the pleasure of itching a ride on it (thanks ross :biggrin2: ) its so quiet if i couldnt have farted without anyone noticing and even when he opened it up id still have to conceal it with a cough :074:

its a great motor, when it gets up on the plane your outta there :thumbup:

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Love the poem - and the pic of the kids asleep!!! :biggrin2: We all love our little babies ..... now don't get me started on my hobie mirage!

I too have an Evinrude, albeit a tiny one ....2hp .... but it works real well on the smell of an oily rag - even better when you turn the fuel on! So I can understand the current love affair with his machine! It will fade, however, gradually, as it is dragged over sand, submerged trees, and other unmentionables!!

What you really really need Ross, is a decent Depth Sounder with a Shallow Water alarm, like the Cuda 168 on my Hobie Mirage!!! I only bottomed once in my yak on Friday - and once I learned how to set the alarm (first time out with the sounder & no instruction booklet to guide me!) I didn't bottom at all! The bloody sounder scared the living daylights out of me the first couple of times it went off, tho! I thought it was the Water Police come to get me!! Got used to it after a while! My bottom is unscratched! Can't say the same about my leg, tho!

Never been in such a shallow lake as this one, ever & it was as full as it can get after all that rain, so it was at it's deepest ever! At least here in Forster they have put up signs to show you where the shallows are!

Glad it was a bit deeper at Swansea!! I looked at the water there, enviously, as we drove thru on Monday! Looked good - not dirty like Tuggerah!



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Claudia ,


( How cool is that? Etec Blue!!!)


My God, Ive created a monster :1yikes:

My God, Ive created a monster :1yikes:

Hehehehe, just thinking Ross, what Claudia lacks in eyesight, she certainly makes up with her vocal ability :074::074::074::074::074:

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its great to see how good the members know each other it goes to show what a great site this is :1fishing1: top motor Ross don't listen to anyone you have to be proud of your choices :thumbup:

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Theres only one answer to a post like Stumpies , it goes something like this , now pay attention , I will be asking questions later !!!!

I bought a new motor for the boat , a fine thing coloured Royal Blue . Unlike its owner ( and some of his Fishraider friends ) it drinks very little , in fact , my total fuel bill for the weekend for the boat was $10.00 ( I know how important figures like this are to you folk !) .

No need to tell you the vital stats , as The Honourable , The Member for BS and Character Assasination has already stolen my thunder .

In conclusion , let me say , this was all driven by envy , he just wishes he had a nice blue motor , instead of those common as dirt black ones !! :074::074:



All about Evinrude E-TEC outoard engines

In 2001, when BRP purchased the Evinrude and Johnson brands, one of the jewels was Evinrude direct injection technology. This was very simple direct fuel injection system based on an electric solenoid injector, it had been developed over four years of production onto a range of reliable, economical and very low emission engines.

However, they were all engines of 90hp or more and for the future, BRP knew they'd need to expand DI to smaller engines and also be able to meet ever more stringent emission requirements.

Smaller engines also meant incorporating DI into manually or rope starting engines. Evinrude's E-TEC engines, first released to Australian dealers in July 2003, can do all that and more.

Five innovative and distinct features of E-TEC sets its performance apart from current industry offerings to truly make it unique.

Environmentally responsible

Whisper quiet operation

Extremely low maintenance

Durability, quality and reliability


E-TEC can apply to the lowest horsepower outboards, while maintaining excellent power and torque, remaining environmentally responsible and providing whisper quiet operation.

Currently, the Evinrude line of E-TEC includes 40, 50, 75 and 90 horsepower models, filling the need for recreational boating mid-range power. By model year 2005, the power line-up will be complete through the big V-6s.

E-TEC Injector

At the heart of the engine is the E-TEC injector. Fuel is recirculated through the injectors continuously to cool the injectors and ensure any air or vapour is removed. Compared to previous designs, it is smaller, lighter, has 25% less total parts and 50% fewer parts with critical tolerances. It also has a die-cast alloy outer casting.

A comparison of the basic specifications showing the new E-TEC injector with the existing DI injector, serves to highlight why this new design is so superior. The existing DI injector is capable of about 45hp per cylinder - more than we need for all current outboards, but not by very much. The existing DI injector is capable of 7500rpm, again more than we currently need, but not by much. The E-TEC injectors can beat these figures easily and inject all the fuel required in half the time. 0.0025 seconds is about one quarter of a revolution (90 degrees) at 5000remp. The E-TEC injector can also exceed 600psi ensuring very good atomisation of the fuel.

All New Powerheads

These are the largest capacity 2 and 3 cylinder engines ever to wear the Evinrude logo - at 864cc and 1295cc respectively. They share the same bore and stroke dimensions, and many internal components, with the current V4 and V6 engines of 90 to 175hp.

All E-TEC engines feature cylinder blocks manufactured using the lost-forecasting process that allows very complex shape aluminium castings, with a minimum of joint lines and gasket surfaces. These are multi-cylinder, loop charged engines with all cylinders and the exhaust manifold, in a mono-block casting, including a closed deck design for better cylinder bore support.

The pistons feature a new alloy developed form the NASA space programme that is twice as strong as conventional piston alloys, at normal operating temperature. The new pistons also feature a long, full skirt design, without ports, for a close fit in the cylinder and very low noise in operation.

CNC machined ports and Boron-Nitride honed cylinders mean extremely accurate bores that do not require the operator to follow any break-in procedure. The only concession required for break-in is a little extra oil that is provided by the EMM controlled oil injection system, during the first 3 hours of operation above 2000rpm.

Full Magneto Electronics

And here's the other side of the E-TEC equation. In order to get DI onto smaller engines a whole new approach to the electronics was necessary, both to fit the smaller engines and t allow easy rope start capability. Special rare earth powerful permanent magnets are used in the flywheel, so that all electronics are powered entirely by rotating the flywheel. The battery is only used for the starter motor on all E-TEC models. The compact 5-inch (125mm) stator has a single voltage output (55V) from three windings that are switched between series and parallel to vary the output with engine speed.

Total output is 1100 watts, which if it all could be used for battery charging at 13.5 volts, would equal 75amps.

The engines don't need anywhere near that, so the EMM (Engine Management Module) converts the stator output to a regulated 55V for injectors and ignition, 14V for dash instruments, power trim and battery charging, and 5V for sensors and EMM internal circuits.

Battery charging is controlled by the EMM at 3-5 amps at idle, 10 amps at 1000rmp and 25amps max.

Battery-less fuel injection

One of the biggest accomplishments of the E-TEC engineers is getting the EMM (Engine Management Module) to wake up and be ready to run the engine in less than one crank revolution. Everyone knows how long it takes most computers to boot up ready for work. Usually you can go and make a cup of coffee while your PC is booting up.

This sort of delay could not be tolerated on any engine management computer, however even today most modern ECUs require at least two revolutions of the crank before they are ready to run the motor. That's no problem with electric start engines, but on rope or manual start versions that's too long. The E-TEC EMM wakes up and is ready to go in one quarter of a crank revolution. No external power is required, nor is there any battery power drain when the motor is switched off.

By one half of a turn, there is about 20volts available, the EMM is awake, the electric fuel pump is turned on, just briefly to ensure fuel to the injectors, and the piston position has been determined. By three-quarters of a turn, there's about 30 volts available, fuel is injected and then the spark plug is ignited and the engine starts.

Engine Management Module (EMM)

The E-TEC EMM still has to perform all the functions we expect from a modern engine management system, operate the injectors and ignition, provide the tacho signal, monitor all sensors for faults, control battery charging and provide a stable smooth idle speed.

S.A.F.E. (Speed Adjusting Failsafe Electronics) is also incorporated to ensure that if an engine life-threatening fault should develop (like overheating or no oil pressure) the RPM is reduced to 1200 maximum, an audible alarm is sounded a warning light is displayed on the dash.

At this speed the engine requires almost no cooling or lubrication system functions. Tests have shown an engine can be run all day at 1200rpm with only the oil inside the crankcase when it was started.

Oil Reservoir

E-TEC engines use an all-new, on-board automatic oiling system. Two cylinder engines get a 1.8L reservoir while three cylinder models get a 2.8L tank. Enough for about 40 hours of typical recreational use with TC-W3 or 60 hours with E-TEC oil.

E-TEC models will be the first to allow the dealer to select which oil the customer wishes to use. Now there is a real benefit to being able to use a high-tech synthetic, higher cost oil because the engine can be programmed to use less of it.

Living up to the Environmentally Responsible Pledge

The complete line of Evinrude E-TEC engines is designed to be California Air Resources Board (CARB) 3 star compliant outboard engines.

The stratified fuel combustion chamber is key in this advanced technology. Fuel reaches the exhaust port only after it has closed, at one-half the time of traditional direct injection engines. This means the fuel charge does not escape the combustion chamber - especially during idle - as it is burned and turned into power. The stratified combustion chamber also offers better fuel efficiency because of its precise fuel flow. The E-TEC system senses when to change the number of droplets into the chamber, depending on the engine needs, which is extremely fuel-efficient.

The electronic "governing" of the idle speed ensures a smooth running ride. The electronic compensation system regulates a precise fuel flow control for the temperature block, barometric pressure and injector variation.

Assumptions about what an outboard engine can accomplish and what todays more environmentally conscious world expects from an outboard, will being to change forever. Evinrude E-TEC is a quieter, cleaner and extremely low maintenance engine that satisfies the requirements of the Jean-Michel Cousteau of Ocean Futures Society and others whose sole purpose is to ensure a cleaner environment.

Designed to meet CARB 3-star emission standards, Evinrude E-TEC will optimise oil and gas consumption. The stratified combustion chamber creates 80 percent less carbon monoxide than a 4-stroke creates at idle.

The sealed fuel system minimises evaporative emissions. The engines feature the E-TEC auto lube oiling system that eliminates the mixing of oil and fuel. Evinrude E-TEC engines also have a lower oil flow due to targeted oil delivery system and pass-through connecting rod lubrication.

With the onboard monitoring system ensuring the exact precision use rate of E-TEC oil, Evinrude E-TEC engines uses approximately 50 percent less oil than traditional direct injection systems and 75 percent less than traditional 2-strokes.

The Acoustic Story

To live up to its claim to be the next generation of engine, E-TEC owners will immediately notice the whisper-quiet operation and what BRP refers to as a "signature sound" when on power.

The unique application of a moulded foam inner liner optimises depth and coverage of the acoustic treatment in both the upper and lower motor covers. Evinrude E-TEC includes an air silencer designed to reduce airborne sound. It also improves sound quality through the inclusion of a Helmholtz resonator, which is located in the side branch intake and helps reduce sound from the engine.

BRP incorporated an improved piston design that decreases the "piston slap" sound. When some competitors' pistons slide up and down in the cylinder, they can make a slapping sound. BRP has enhanced the piston guidance in the cylinder to significantly reduce that sound.

Another sound contributor in previous generation outboard engines is in the throttle plate. Evinrude E-TEC features an idle bypass (intake side), which eliminates the need for relief holes in the throttle plate and also delays the throttle plate opening that results in a quieter idle and trolling speed. E-TEC also features enhanced idle relief (exhaust side) geometry for a pleasant idle sound.

Redefining Low Maintenance

Most modern outboard owners have a car that they use every day and it gets serviced maybe once per year. Gone are the days of frequent servicing on just about all consumer equipment and customers now expect modern outboards should be low maintenance as well.

The reliability of BRP-built engines is demonstrated with three-year, no scheduled maintenance on Evinrude E-TEC - the industry's most comprehensive warranty programme. The digital diagnostic panel monitors the engine and user-friendly lights notify the owner of any system checks.

Will there be any servicing need before 3 years / 300 hours? Yes, there will be some operator maintenance, such as cleaning the engine, flushing the cooling system, initiating off season storage and lubrication of grease points. Things that many owners may still wish their dealer to perform.

The Evinrude E-TEC low friction design provides boaters with enormous benefits, these engines employ no belts, powerhead gears, cams or mechanised oil pumps. Also, the oil doesn't need to be changed, providing added savings on expensive oil changes and filters. Oil changes on other technologies can cost several hundred dollars each year. That means that these weak points of traditional 4-strokes are eliminated.

Durability, quality and reliability

Evinrude E-TEC parts demonstrate a high level of quality. With full magneto electronics, the E-TEC system can be started without a battery and eliminate worries of running the engine should a power failure occur. The beltless 25amp charging system means that there are no moving parts to adjust. The flow-through cooling system and extra capacity water pump ensure the optimum engine temperature. The sealed fuel system is designed for long-term storage, as well as heavy-duty usage.

These smaller, lightweight engines - in the case of the 90hp E-TEC, as much as 100 pounds lighter than traditional 4-strokes - feature "big motor" components.

Within the compact Evinrude E-TEC engines are many tough, oversized components for durability: rods, rings, pistons, bearing mounts, cylinders, heads, gear case, injectors, reeds, intake systems, fasteners and the cooling system. The pistons, made from special alloys, are nearly three times stronger than traditional pistons at operating temperature.

Breakthrough Styling that Works

Designed from the ground up at BRP, Evinrude E-TEC outboard engines incorporate new design features and sleek styling. The bold, new and unique face of the cover has a swept-back profile with a red three-dimensional beltline and a self-aligning hood for easy removal and replacement. No more wrestling matches. The double wall upper cowling also helps suppress engine sound better than before.

The E-TEC engines really showcase the design capabilities of BRP engineers and designers. This striking new design will apply across the entire Evinrude E-TEC horsepower range, giving boaters a really good-looking engine for all applications. And besides looking good, it makes it easier for boaters to access the engine.

E-TEC features a compact and lightweight design. Using state of the art 3D computer models, BRP specified "big motor" components to ensure best in class durability, quality and

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Wash your mouth out Stumpy!! My good friend Claudia was just trying to relay to all of you what I already knew !!

So far , everything in the above PR blurb is true , although I havent tried to start the engine with a rope , I have no doubt that it would fire first go !! :thumbup:

Still on a bit of a learning curve , I can no longer guage speed by engine noise , we had a bit of a moment yesterday ( nothing serious fortunately) , but being much quieter and more powerful than the 30 year old 55HP she replaced , it is something that I am more aware of now !

Still averaging about 2NM to the litre , a trip to Long Reef and return to Rose Bay saw us use 18 litres , I expect that this figure will improve slightly once it is fully run in .


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