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The Lords Prayer- For Flightmanager


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Well Raiders, As you may have read on my Wifes post (Mrs Sumpy) We all had a total blast up at the Entrance. The kids cut loose on the fish and the Parents had a blast doing it with them! Especially when they were in bed and we adults (hmmmm?) had time to have a few drinks and laugh.

Whoops, went off track....

Now, when we turned up Friday Night, the Kids and Wife unpacked and I was given a small passage of leave to catch up with Ross (Flightmanager). Ross, without a beer in his hand was quickly handed a VB and off we went, talking about everything that has occured since we last saw each other,just like a bunch of shielas at a hairdressing salon! Well, actually, I talked about everything...Ross just talked about his new baby. Not wishing to be rude and suggest that he was way too old for another kid, I just sat and listened in amazement. The name Etech sounded a bit stupid too, but one must remember that not every child has parents that give their kids normal names.

Well, we yarned and yarned till everyone was asleep and approx 1.5 cases of VB went missing(I told Mrs Stumpy it got stolen) It was 2.00am and Ross took me and showed me his baby. An E-tech 75 horse outboard brand new on the back of his old shitter! And don't correct me on any of this stuff Sammy, because I know it all! It has bugger all moving parts, it does 7.2 litres of fuel to 16 km of drag racing, and is way quieter than an ACDC concert in Queensland. Way to go Ross.

The following night, we all had to walk past Ross's baby to get to the Barbi area. I stopped to talk to a few Raiders, Rzep and Fisherdude. "Nice engine boys, thats Ross's new baby", I said. And with a quick reply both said in unison, "Yep it does 7.2 litres of fuel after doing 16 km full noise" Wow, did Ross get around!

After dinner, we had larger problems than Ross just dribbling to the adults, I walked out of the Barbi area and there the old coote was with my children and his son sitting down testing them on the brilliance of his new engine. The secret photos from my fishing rod cam will show you.


Now, if you look at those pics left to right, you will notice that after an hours lecture, Ross's son and my children are all asleep! They got detention for that!

That night the kids said a prayer.

Our Father ,

Who fishes in Heaven

A Fishing we have been.

Thy Kingdom come,

Thy lures, will be done,

On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Give us a day, without Ross's lecture,

And bring us good salmon,

As we forgive those, with E-Techs on shitty boats,

And lead us not into Evinrude

And deliver us from Ross's bullshit.

For thy has the Kingdom,

The power and the Shimanos

For ever and ever



WTF ?????????? Oh, Good night E-Tech!

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I apologize Ross for my husband, :074: but whilst he is picking on you he leaves us alone. :yahoo:


Poor Ross , He loves been picked on :tease:

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Davemmm, I can tell you I wasn't happy when he rang me and told me about that little episode

Mrs fm


He wasn't the only one. The lake seemed to be full of boats driving on mud (not just raiders others too)

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Stumpy I reckon you have it spot on

I'm sure I heard Ross talking to the motor during the night

made having the next villa a bit scary :1prop: when you

start hearing things go bump in the night on Ross's boat

BTW do you know that he only used 7.2L of fuel for 16km


Jeez we're going to cop it when he gets back :1prop:


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yeah he just went on n on about his new motor. i know the water was shallow but come on Ross it was just a few scratch's on the motor u should of stayed in the water for more than an hour if even that. if u dont have n air horn get one so u can warn ppl when your coming cause its so dam quiet

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Theres only one answer to a post like Stumpies , it goes something like this , now pay attention , I will be asking questions later !!!!

I bought a new motor for the boat , a fine thing coloured Royal Blue . Unlike its owner ( and some of his Fishraider friends ) it drinks very little , in fact , my total fuel bill for the weekend for the boat was $10.00 ( I know how important figures like this are to you folk !) .

No need to tell you the vital stats , as The Honourable , The Member for BS and Character Assasination has already stolen my thunder .

In conclusion , let me say , this was all driven by envy , he just wishes he had a nice blue motor , instead of those common as dirt black ones !! :074::074:


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Geeze Ross, I thought you'd gone to ground for awhile there :074:

You buggas should leave ol' Ross alone, Can't ya tell he's had a hard life!

I'm with you mate.........

Go The Evinrudes!!!

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