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Video Footage Of The Entrance Social

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You may have noticed me wandering around with camcorder all weekend.

I took over an hour of footage including weigh-ins, beach fishing expeditions, breakfast antics, presentation, casting comp and much more.

I had intended to put it up on forum but it is way too large.

If anyone wants a disk burned please let me know :biggrin2:

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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Yes Please!!! That weekend was a BLAST!! Never tire of watching anyone fishing!!

Thanks Donna - you are an angel!!

Someone else reckoned they got a video of me pulling in that nice salmon on the beach on Sat night (and other people as well) - perhaps that could get added to it, as well?? That would be a real hoot!



I was going to say bring one up in June & I could copy it, but I don't have a DVD burner!! :1badmood::(:mad3::wacko::ranting2::ranting2:

Edited by Roberta
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Guest rzep

Yes please Donna - We will replace disk for you! - Will pick it up at Workshop if that is ok?

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