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What A Day !


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Started fishing early morning Saturday for a Blackfish session on the Hacking with my good fishing mate Leon.

After a stop off to mix the burley,,, off we went to our special spot :tease:

We had our polaroids on and it was great sighting the huge "blackfish" in the weed beds.

Our adrenalin was pumping as we dispatched our floats into the army of BRONZE BATTLERS lurking below.

First drift and I was on to a beauty and didnt it go hard straight for the bottom and I was palming the small Alvey as hard as I dared :yahoo: the line was rubbing against the anchor rope and I thought for sure it would pop me off on my light 6 lb leader,but as luck would have it all held together and I had my first 40 cms Luderick in the keeper net .


Next to score was Leon on another bruiser and after a tough struggle Leon had a brother to match mine in the keep net.


The Blackies were hot to trot and they pullled our floats under with so much force we didnt even need to strike !!!!!!!! Wohooooooooo they are on and we land over 20 great Blackfish and the biggest going 42cms.


We landed a nice squid for the table and the final fish of the day was a very nice 30 cms bream taken on weed as well.


Leon and I had a blast today and I would like to thank him for his great company and we cant wait to get back into them asap.

We had fresh blackfish and squid for dinner and the whole family really enjoyed the taste of fresh fillets and squid rings in batter :biggrin2:

The Blackfishing will only get better in the coming months and hopefully I will get one close to 50 cms :1yikes:






Tight Lines Tom

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:1yikes: nice session on the blackfish guys.i tried on sun morning for a couple hours and couldn't even get a down in syd harbour.. your right about the coming months as they start schooling up on there spawning run.. ive caught many a bream also over the years on weed during this time also,they seem to school up together.

great report guys,keep em coming.

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Some top fishing there Tom, great photos too... it just fired me up to hit the Port and get some for myself, hopefully mid-week. Assuming that you used weed, was it sourced from the Hacking or did you have to get it elsewhere?


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Great reprt guys,

How clear is that water, and how true that when you can see them the heart starts a racing!

Some solid keepers there and I'll be happy if I catch 20 all year. nice work.

Cheers Jed.

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