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G'DAY Fish raiders, Well what a web site you got here! Good stuff :yahoo: . I was put on to it by a mate and i'm hooked (yeah well worn pun i know). Was so inspired by MILLER i've been down the neapean last two nights. Lost a reasonably solid bass thurs night n released a lil one tonite no ducks but still a bit toey i reacon hehe. Any way lets see if i can figure out how to attach a couple of pics.


Hows the serenity



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Excellent work

Ah the memories of the weir as a young lad......

Most vivid of those is being swept over and landing over the cages. Scary stuff. I still held onto my rod the first time, but lost my tackle box. Getting back later in the day, I got swept over again and lost the rod.

Those were the days when they used to let water out of the dam.

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:1welcomeani: Great first report and I love the pics. I bet in a week's time you'll wonder what you did before discovering this website, as it is extremely addictive to read each day - it's such a mix of fishing adventures (good, bad and ugly).

If you are after info on anything fishy try the search engine at the top of the screen - I didn't realise it was there for the first few weeks after joining as I was concentrating on the "Fishing Reports", but this website has so much info available to members you just need to check it all out by exploring each section.

Look forward to reading your next adventure.

Cheers Marg

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Mate, Im a nepean river regular. If you ever want to wet a line, and need a friend, send me a message.

Sweet as :biggrin2: ill keep that in mind. I would be lookin for a ride to. I lost my drivers licence (idiot!). I hadent been fishin much of late but since i got on to raider i'm mad keen again. Just hope my darling wife will let my out to play as we are bout to have a baby in bout 1 week. Thanks for the offer.

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