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Stanwell Park - 10/05/07


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Left home at around 8pm Thursday evening and headed to Port Hacking to pick up some yakkas.

We managed to get 20 within an hour then off to Stanwell before the yakkas stopped kicking.

3 yakkas survived the drive. :(

They went into the gutter first and were never heard of again so we started to use the dead ones.

They were continuously coming back with their heads missing, tails missing or just mangled however there was so much movement from the waves that we couldnt tell if we were getting bites.

By high tide we had gone through half of the yakkas with my friend catching a decent tailor and a shovelnose and me with nothing but a runny nose.

Things were starting to look like every other Jewfishing expedition that I have been on for the last 12 years.

Had to re-rig after reeling my line in to find that something had taken the bait, a couple of 7/0 hooks and a few cm's of 30lb trace.

In went the next yakka but this time I was holding onto the mainline (as you would when fishing with a handreel) because I was starting to get annoyed that we werent getting any runs yet there was something taking our baits.

Within 10 minutes I felt something start to swim off with my bait. I let it take about a metre of line and then set the hook and took in a few metres of line by hand just to make sure I had a fish before reeling him in with the rod.

I thought I had a biggish tailor untill I dragged him onto the sand as there wasnt much of a fight.

It wasnt the 20lb Jew that I have been aspiring to catch all these years but 7lbs of jewfish was alot better than coming home empty handed. Smile says it all... :biggrin2:



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Well done mate.

The first is always the hardest.

I am going tonight to try Long Reef.

Cheers mate!

Thanks Zenman

Good luck for tonight!

Looking forward to reading your report. :)

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Nice one!!!!

Im yet to get my first jewy! the kings where this years goal and now that we have a couple of those under the belt.... well no monsters yet but a few legals we may have to head start targeting the odd jewie!!!!!


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nice catch mate, i have tried several times at stanwell for the jew, but all i can get is tailor.

looks like ill be using yakka's from now on :thumbup:

Just keep at it and you'll get one eventually.

I would have chopped up the tailor to get to the jew.

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nice jewie mate

i had no idea that fish or especially jewies ate yakkas that were not alive.

did you butterfly it or something.

Used the whole yakka with a 7/0 through its eye and another one about an inch from its tail.

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Keep at it and you'll get one eventually... hopefully you wont have to wait for as long as I did...

An airaitor pump would have kept more of the yakkas alive but its something that i yet to add to my arsenal.

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