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Only 1.8 To 2.2m Waves This Weekend


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This weekend looks a lot better than the 5 - 6m waves we have had over the past few weeks, but 1.8m to 2.2m won't be that comfortable to fish in if you head outside.

The wind is supposed to be between 5 and 12 knots.

Who is heading out and where are you going ?



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Mate that will change during the week....

Im hoping to get out on the weekend but if its stays the way it is...2.1m with a 10knot Southerly i wont go...if stays at 2 metres but changes to a northerly or westerly i will head out but alter my fishing location accodingly......

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I guess we will have to suck and see as we draw closer to

the weekend regards the weather conditions. For ourselves we are heading out over the

shelf for i figure the run of yellow fin that was happening south of us prior to the bad weather must

surely be snapping there heads off out wide at the moment if this weekends weather is favourable

we will look forward to getting our arms stretched for sitting home all these weekends is driving me stircrazy

i dont want to think about carp but if it goes another week who knows! :wacko: Steve

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Only just joined the fishraider forum and only to happy to share up to date fishing reports and were to go get them as your proberly aware i am into the game fishing side of things but as the days drag by those carp are getting more and more enticing but i will try and remain patient for when things settle down i have a feeling the forum will be abuzz with the run of yellowfin that should be happening offshore Steve :1fishing1:

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