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Katoomba 1am 21st June 2007


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Some great shots there. I'm a part time photographer who has'nt taken a shot in weeks. Some withdrawls but not as bad as when i dont go fishin. Good example of right place right time, i bet he wishes he did'nt put foot prints in the snow in some shots but they would look even better. Great shots all the same :clapping: .

Lata Raida.


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Great shots there, I live in Katoomba and can certainly relate to how cold it was. I couldnt drive my car out of the yard the following morning because of about 4 inches of snow. Our backyard still had some snow in it 2 days after. :1badmood: Still its all good for the trout :1fishing1: cheers troutboy

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nice pics that will get all the snow bunnies excited :1yikes:

I live 1/2 way up (faulconbridge) and theres no snow but bloody cold atm. Was at a mates property in Oberon yesterday and his dams & open water tank had sheet ice on top!

Ross, the Carington has been done right up and looks a treat not sure about the lunchs though.


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