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Finally Got Out For A Fish

Brad Duffell

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G'day all,

Me and a mate were supposed to go out fishing fro kings with fisho5 (thanks again mate) but due to shitty weather and big seas it was called off :1badmood:

Undetered, We decided to go out for a fish anyway and thought the entrance might have the goods. We arrived at the entrance only to find it was a bad choice as the recent rain had the channel extended right up to the rocks and it was flowing so quickly it was just a mess with the huge waves crashing into the spit. Dissapointment again as we hoped to hit the flatties, but we decided to head off to an old favorite spot, patonga. We werent that fussed on catching anything as we were both very glad to be out on the water but luck seemed to be on our side and we pulled in a few flatties on the warf while tuckin into fish and chips :thumbup:post-1955-1182675514_thumb.jpg

We had visited two of our fav lb sopts so we decided to head for the trio and went to apple tree bay but we ran out of time so we only had enough time for a quick flick at our leather jacket spot ( spot "L" :1prop: )

Were i was busted off by a meaty little number :thumbdown:

All in all a great day out glad to finally get out for a fish :biggrin2:



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well done on the flattie mate, how was the water quality at patonga much floating debris coming from up river?

Mate it was pretty dirty still but no sign of any floating debris, the odd stick on the beach but thats about it :thumbup:

Browney yea for sure mate would be great to get out for some more fishing :thumbup:

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