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Sydney Harbour Jews


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Hi all

Left home at 7.30 saturday night picked TJ up and we set off

The plan was to catch bait all night and chase some jews in the morning

Got to spot X for squid and yakkas (the spit) and in 4 hours only managed 4 squid and 3 yakas

with the cold getting to us we decided to set up camp it was nice and warm in the sleeping bags

We woke to a cold morning at 7 am

Tried about a dozen spots for yakas but only managed a million pinkies

So bugger this well give it a shot and see how we go

Got to spot J (for jew fish)Sydney Harbour Bridge and first drift two yakas go down and nothing and then the second drift 0

on the way back for the third noticed a branch in the water didnt think much of it till we got close

and about a foot under the water attached to the branch was the rest of the tree

So steered around it and started the third drift about 2min later i just get wieght on the end of my rod

and then TJ we look at each other and say tree

then my rod comes alive with a good run and so does TJ double hook up

Tjs first to the boat with a nice 74 cm jew landed



Then i give mine some curry and with a nice gaff shot from the TJ

in comes mine 95cm jew



so with high fives and yahooing we had done what we set out to do

we tried a couple more drifts for nothing so decided to head for home




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SOME OF US HAD TO WORK.....................,./.

Well i invited u Damo not my fault u dropped your marbels and couldnt find them!!!!


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thanks to all for the congrats

to answer some questions

there are some big holes around the bridge and we just drift over them letting more line out as it drops off

the rigs i use are the same as the kingy rigs sliding snell with a treble on the bottom and a big sinker

and a trace about 1.5m in lenght

put the toe hook throw the nose and sink one of the trebles in the tail leaving the other two sticking out

and when u fell them hit just give it to them dont give them any room to run or they will drop the bait



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