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Palm Beach (with Pics)


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With the weather being as it has, it was nice to just get out today.

The Maltese Falcon and I went up to Palmy hoping for a few Bream. Got a bit lazy on the time and it creeped away.... well maybe I was just out of the swing of things because we finally started to walk down the cliff at ten past seven, bit too late but as they say better late than never.

Quickly made up a bit of burley and the first bait went in at 7.30 , couple of minutes later the Falcon had a nice Bream


and all I could get were little Drummer,

then we started to land and loose a few Trev's which were fun, mind you the Falcon did most of the damage as I kept catching little drummer :mad3:

Ended up with a feed anyway


Went down to Long reef to clean our catch as the "Locals" looked on.


Topped of a nice little morning.


PS. How good was the Falcons wife, he gave her a ring and she bought down a cup of Tea for us to drink as we cleaned the fish.

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That's a nice little haul, and what a top woman, nice pics and a good report, what enticement were you using to get the bream and trevs.. Regards Ray R...

Ray we only had servo prawns and the just a few pilchards in the bread , certainly not the best but we scored a feed, had fun and the weather was quite mild this morning.......... for Winter.


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